Glameyer Family Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr. 2009

The Glameyer Cemetery is located next to the MUD Plant in Ponderosa Forest Subdivision. Off of Anvil Street at Ponderosa Pine Street. In Easement next to MUD Water Plant #4. A fence incloses the small family cemetery. Vine covered and hard to see. Good shape....

Emilie Glameyer b April 30,1860 d July 14,1943

Henry E. Glameyer b Sept. 23,1857 d Oct. 2,1937

Henry W. Glameyer b June 25,1880 d Aug. 5,1927

O. Glameyer b June 24,1885 d Dec. 21,1918

Otto Glameyer b Jan. 13,1859 d Sept. 11,1934

Pauline Glameyer b May 17,1873 d Oct. 3,1920