Genoa Community Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2009

The Genoa Community Cemetery is located at 8701 Almed-Genoa Rd. It is now inclosed in the Forest Lawn Cemetery. Dates from 1892.

The older graves appear to have less care than the newer graves.....


A New Beginning...........

Tom and Elsie Darst purchased the old "Genoa Cemetery" in 1955 and renamed it Forest Lawn Cemetery. They designed a new cemetery incorporating the few old graves, put down stone roads and went into business.
The lovely oak trees that now shade the roads were planted as acorns by Tom & Elsie and their ten children and watered with buckets from the well.
Approximately 30 years ago, the corporation built the beautiful mausoleum that graces the front of the cemetery.
In the last 10 years Forest Lawn has tripled its original size, begun the process of covering the roads with asphalt, and installed a marble Bible feature as the centerpiece of what will soon be the niche garden.
Tom Darst's dream was to create a peaceful garden style sanctuary that would not only honor the beloved family members, but provide solace for their loved ones to visit. The flowering gardens and oak lined drives indeed form an oasis amidst the sounds and sights of the bustling city.