Five Union Soldier Mass Grave 1862

In the early 1850's a Stage Coach Inn was established about 75-100 yards south of the gully in what is now Mangum Manor Park and most of the back yards of the houses that back up to the park from Poinciana. This was part of the Stage line from San Antonio to Houston. During the Civil war there was a battle of Bear Creek where 5 Yankee soldiers were killed. The stage came through that area just after the battle. They stopped the stage and put the dead soldiers on to be taken to the Inn for burial. They were buried under the big oak trees that are by the Tennis court.
By Jean West/2009

99th Illinois Infantry
September 8,1862 was sent to Rolla, Mo., thence, September 17, to Salem, Dent county, thence, November 20, to Houston, Texas. Was assigned to the Brigade of Brigadier General Fitz Henry Warren. Was engaged in a skirmish at Bear Creek, losing 1 killed, 4 wounded and 1 taken prisoner.

I guess the 4 wounded died and made 5 dead Union Soldiers.