Evergreen Negro Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr. 1985-2009


During Houston's early days a cotton plantation stood where Lockwood Drive and Market Street cross. In the late 1800's acreage from this plantation was turned into one of the city's first Negro cemeteries. (From;  "Unearthing the Past", Article by Heather McLean Wiederhoeft, Special to the Rice News.)

 Old Fifth Ward, in the Harris and Wilson Two League Grant. A.K. Kelly, a former slave organized the burial ground.  Cemetery was started around the year 1893. One of the earliest graves dates I found was 1894. This cemetery is a final resting place for former slaves, Buffalo soldier and WWI veterans.

Located at Lockwood Drive and Market Street, south of I-10. A large portion of graves were moved or lost when Lockwood was put through the middle of the graveyard in the 1960's.

I was in my 20's crawling thru the underbrush looking for graves to record in 1985. This was something I loved and something I had to do.
A partial listing from this cemetery. At the time it was over-grown and hard to find the tombstones. I recorded this cemetery in 1985. Most of the eastside was recorded and a partial for westside.

I went back in 2009 and recorded the whole cemetery, east and west sides.



Small 1985 listing below.

Ida Coleman d April 19,1927

Mark Lee Grooms 1921-1928

B. F. Rucker b Aug 12,1849 d Mar. 4,1929

Fred Rucker, Son, age 23 b July 21,1906 d 1928

Mrs. Willie Mae Barnett, age 27, b Mar. 10,1902 d Oct. 15,1929

Hellen Armstead, 6 months, b Sept. 21,1928 d Mar. 19,1929

Rev. Ike Johnson d June 2,1929

Penny Well d Dec. 16,1928 age 42

Will Perry, age 33, b Nov. 7,1896 d Feb. 14,1929

Jacob Lewis b Mar. 15,1895 d Dec. 7,1927

Isac Jones 1858-1929

Lewis Hart d Aug. 21,1929 58 years

Rosa Nunley 1887-1927

Elmer Howard 1894-1929

Hester Lewis 55 years b Dec. 11,1875 d June 24,1931

Wm. Lane b Aug. 7,1875? d Feb. 9.1901

Willie Fisher d April 12,1928

Cora Pasley 1882-1928

George Tyo? d Mar. 7,1929 age 63

Lurena green 1861-1898

Large stone, just says Johnson?

Will White age 55 Nov. 4,1873 d May 8?,1923

B. W. Hicks 1853-1928

Willie Dun Fred 1887-1929

Edward Lee age 22 b Oct. 2,1906 d July 31,1929

Pleasant Holsten d June 4,1900 54 years

Mandy Foster d Oct. 20,1930 77 years

Bertha Mouton b Sept. 21,1890 d Jan. 23,1950

James Mathews TEXAS PVT. 328 LABOR BN OMC d Feb. 19,1933

John Walker d Nov. 20,1917 age 52


Annie Kelly 1858-1935

A.D. Kelly 1887-1919

Olivia Fitch d Aug. 19,1921 age 22

Tobe ? Bowman d Feb. 21,1921 age 50

Annie Ashwood d Nov. 7,1901 age 70 years

Irean Childs d Feb. 25,1919 100 years, 4 months

Lizzie Goosby b Mar. 2,1864 d Nov. 2,1922

Alex Williams b Dec. 1863 d Jan. 2,1932

Stanley Alexander TEXAS PVT. 410 RES. LABOR BN d Nov. 5,1933

Della Wilson d June 7,1932 54 yrs.

Ida V. Stevens 1858-1924

R. Beaseley 1840-1918

A. Beaseley 1839-1923

William O.H. Beaseley (broken) b Dec. 6,1883 d Apr. 18,1915

One large stone turned over (unknown)

Amella Mayers GOLDEN SHIELD 333 d Dec. 30,1921 My Mother

Nancy Teal 1892-1922 Our sister, At Rest

Mealy Wiley d July 26,1921 age 53

W. H. Freeman 1881-1921 In Memory of Mother and Sisters

Nancy Phillips d May 28,1921 age 42

John Bly b Aug. 6,1866 d Apr. 9,1921

Dennis Knockless? d Mar. 4,1921 age 47

Jim White d Dec. 26,1907 age 60

Base (Unknown)

John White b Dec. 26,1868 d Apr. 15,1897 age 25

Willie Sludge b Oct. 20,1876 d Dec. 13,1922 My Husband

B.W. Woods 1872-Aug. 30,1921 age 50 years

Derry Adams b July 6,1883 d Nov. 22,1928

Joseph D. Reed 1885-1925

Lydia Jones 1863-Mar. 1913 Ransom Jones d Sept. 1906 Arthur Jones, Sam Jones

Caroline Ivory 1881-1922 LODGE 777-333 Mother, At Rest

Base (Unknown)

Frank Wilson TEXAS d June 24,1931

Elliot Jones d Nov. 21,1919 age 25

Henry Jones d Oct. 25,1918 age 28

Charlie Jones d Apr. 28,1902 age 11

Base (Unknown)

Base (Unknown)

Sophia Brown b Aug. 11,1890 d Feb. 22,1932

No name? (Unknown) b Aug. 22,1890 d Nov. 26,1931

Harriet Hope b Oct. 22,1849 d May 3,1914

Lillie Morgan Johnson b Mar. 19,1899 d May 23,1917

Joseph, son of Guintus and Cora Barber b Sept. 18,1882 d Mar. 24,1894 Gone but not forgotten

Berry Allen d July 2,1898 70 yrs. At Rest

G. E. Barber 1862-1928

Joseph Clay d July 22,1930 58 Yrs. Born in La.

Angeline Clay d Jan. 7,1930 age 16, 3 mos.

Annie Clay, Wife of Joseph Clay Born in La., 1850 d Mar. 19,1920

Alen Williams b Dec. 1863 d June 2,1932

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