Dobie Family Graveyard

By George E. Wolf Jr. 1985-2007

History of The Dobie Family Graveyard

By George E. Wolf Jr./2007

Located in the Seabrook Cemetery, Seabrook,Texas.

May 15,1850, Ritson Morris’s daughter, Mary Jane married Sterling Neblett Dobie. Sterling was from Virginia and born in 1816. Morris sold a parcel of land to his daughter on August 5,1851.
January 14,1853, Mary Jane gave birth to a son, James Robert Dobie. (Gregg 1981, 70:17).
The Dobie Family Graveyard attests to the fact that the next few years were filled with tragedy for the Dobie family. In January, 1855, James died. Later the same year, the 18 year-old sister-in-law of Sterling Dobie’s brother, Robert Neville Dobie died. And in August, 1857, Robert himself died.
The Dobie land was sold to A.B. Menard and the deed recorded in February, 1883 (Harris Co. Deeds: 26:484). Later that same year Menard deeded the land to Auguste Seureau. The land remained in the family for a number of years. The land was given to Suzanne Seureau when she was 26 (May 13,1907). James Madison Kellett and Suzanne lived just east of the cemetery.

The land sat aside for the Dobie Family Graveyard later became the Seabrook Cemetery in 1912.



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