Dawson-Lunnon Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr. 1985-2008

Located at 5737 Kemp, Houston Texas. 0.2 acres.
Ca. 1915-1950, did have 10 graves, only 4 showing. Bad condition, trash and erosion from bayou. Cemetery was adjacent Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church in which has been defunct and has fallen down and is now in ruins.
Black cemetery.
David Edwards
Texas Pvt. 24 Engr. Service Co. WWl
Born May 29,1896
Died July 3,1950

Lottie Simpson
Born June 6,1885
Died Apr. 5,1919

Cecilia Thresa Yates
Born 1918 Died 1927

Maroarette Lunnan
Died May 15,1915
Age 80

Stated by Erica Martin 1-30-2008

Great-great-granddaughter of Mike and Margret Lunnon. Cemetery started by Mike Lunnon. Dawson was actually Mikes son so the cemetery is called Dawson Lunnon. At one point it was called Rosebud.

When I was younger my grandmother used to take me to the cemetery and tell about these people. It was in terrible shape in the early 1980?s and could not see all the tombstones.

She tell me their names and how they were related to me.

Erica Martin

(Excerpts From Project Respect)
by Virginia Hancock/2004

Mike Lunnon (sometimes called Mike Perkins) and George Lunnon, Mulattos, are presumed to be brothers who came to Houston from Tennessee possibly with Rufus Cage.
In about 1870, Houston Deed Records show Rufus Cage selling, for a nominal fee, large amounts of land in the east one-half of the Luke Moore Survey to the Lunnons that was eventually inherited by family members who were named: Brown, Gordon, Haynes, James, Jones, Leonard, McCoy, Sims, Williams and Yates. On the 1870 Harris County Census, a black male, Samuel Yates age 80 and the extended Lunnon Families are listed as living close to Rufus Cage. Is Samuel Yates a member of the prominent Houston Jack Yates family?
As the 1900"s began, many of the Lunnon family homes in the 1900"s were located along that part of Polk (then called Davis Street) in an a area called Dissen Heights. In 1910 E.F.Simms began buying Lunnon property which we now know as the Simms Estate. By 1917 the extended Lunnon families began to move to the current site just east of Hughes and north of Polk. The new community was bordered on the south by their former land which had been bought by E.F. Simms.
Within the curve of the bayou, as it turned south on its way under Polk, was the Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church, the Mt. Gilead School and the family cemetery.

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