Dagg Cemetery


By George E. Wolf Jr.

The Dagg cemetery is located in southern Harris County, off of Dagg Road next to Adair Park.
Cemetery is on right surrounded with a chain link fence.
Originally part of the 80 acres owned by Garrett Dagg from the late 1800's.

Matthew Burrough
b 5-27-1885 d 12-23-1976 age 91

Foot Stone only (V.M.)

Horatio D. Perry b 1826 d 1901

Harriet A. Schmidt
b Jan. 21,1857 b May 20,1910

Schmidt Co. B 1 Texas HV Arty C.S.A.

Herbert Schmidt Texas Pvt 131 Field Art 36 Dim
d June 2,1952

Dan H.W. Triplett
b May 9,1894 d Nov. 17,1924

Jesse M. Perry
b May 18,1863 d Dec. 13,1938

Maggie H. Perry
b June 22,1862 d July 18,1944

Ernest Garrett Spears
WTS U.S. Coast Guard WWII b 1923 d 1977

Doris Ethel Clark
b Nov. 13,1921 b July 19,1939

James P. Singletary PVT U.S. Army WWI
b May 30,1895 d Aug. 5,1971

Coleman Weast Wood
Texas SFC III Field Sig BN WWI b 1877 d 1956

Robert Wood
b Nov. 6,1895 d Sept. 25,1954

Frank Carlton Wood Texas U.S. Navy
b Dec. 1,1919 d Apr. 30,1972

Sylvia Ann Gilmore
b Sept. 24,1941 d Oct. 21,1970

Luna Tyler Borrough
b Oct. 3,1887 d Aug. 12,1971

Eunice Borrough Lee
b Sept. 29,1905 d July 4,1973

Garrett Wilborn Dagg, Sr.
b Sept. 25,1856 d Oct. 19,1922

Elizabeth Ham Dagg
b Jan. 12,1866 d Feb. 22,1928

Fannie Dagg Fowler
b June 20,1882 d Mar. 22,1935

Lee M. Dagg
b May 4,1885 d Jan. 11,1903

Rosa Dagg Spears
b Mar. 16,1888 d Jan. 3,1954

Garrett Dagg, Jr.
b Sept. 24,1890 d Dec. 31,1912

Maggie Jane Dagg Starkey
b Dec. 19,1892 d Dec. 14,1966

Joe Bingham Dagg
b Feb. 14,1895 d Oct. 29,1945

Samuel M. Dagg
b Sept. 16,1897 d Aug. 30,1900

Peter Johnson Dagg
b Nov. 22,1900 d Jan. 10,1941

Lewis Simon Dagg
b Apr. 11,1903 d Apr. 9,1970

Gus Thomas Dagg
b Aug. 13,1906 d Sept. 9,1948

Wallace Dagg
b Aug. 24,1912 d Aug. 8,1920

William Dagg b 1860 d 1933

A large DAGG tombstone.

Gus Dagg was never buried in the Dagg cemetery according to my grandfather. Gus Dagg made a point about where he was to be buried years before his death during family dispute about who would be maintaining the cemetery after his death and left instructions for him to be buried at Rosewood.

Often people ask about the non-Dagg's that are buried there and the story regarding them is they were all friends of the family and also friends of friends who did not have the money for a grave. There are a fair number of the same Dagg family that are not buried there-Gus being one and my father Carl Michael Dagg who is buried at the new VA cemetery on the north side.

About the Big Dagg Tombstone in the cemetery is it at the foot of my uncle Lewis Dagg's grave and is actually part of his plot and was put there by my aunt Gladys Dagg a couple of years after his death.

Source: Michael Dagg/2001



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