Crooms Family Cemetery

Crooms Cemetery by George E. Wolf Jr./2011

Small black cemetery called the Felix Crooms Cemetery, Crooms Cemetery, West End Cemetery and Brunner Cemetery.

These names of burial location were stated on death certificates from Harris Co.,Texas.

Small black community west of the Brunner Community. It was started at Reinerman Street on the east to Detering and Crooms Sreets on the west. Started by Felix Crooms, the first known burial may have been in 1917. The cemetery may have been on Reinerman St. or on the end of Crooms Street?

Felix Crooms was born in Texas August 1868 and Married Delilah Lee on Jan. 5,1882. His small family lived on Reinerman St. They had two children, Claudie (b 1885) and George (b 1902). George died in 1919 at the age of 17 and was buried in the Crooms Cemetery. Later Delilah, then Felix would be buried in their family cemetery.