Christian Aid Society Cemetery

by George E. Wolf Jr./2010

Christian Aid Society Cemetery

Aka: Clinton Aid Society Cemetery, Clinton Cemetery, Fidelity Cemetery.

(Our Ancestors Graves: Douglas Milburn) Southeast of Industrial Rd. at Turning Basin Drive. Graves moved. Possibly cemetery from 19th century Black community of Brunsville?, Clinton?, across Buffalo Bayou from Harrisburg.

(At Rest: Trevia W. Beverly) 9000 Mississippi, southeast of Industrial Road at Turning Basin Drive. Graves moved - where?? - possibly cemetery from 19th Century Black community of Brunsville or Clinton, across Buffalo Bayou from Harrisburg. Portway Plaza Building now occupies this site.

(Harris County Cemetery List: Unknown Writer, 1956?)Clinton Aid Society Cemetery 75-113-00-001 All Blk 84 Brunsville.Very bad. Under water most of the time. No access road to location. North of 9000 Blk of Mississippi.

I found a 1955 map of Houston/Harris Co. and it show the location of the cemetery. Out in the middle of the area that would be the 610 loop, between to levees is this small cemetery. There is no road leading to the cemetery. Was it moved or just covered up like so many others?

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