Unmarked and Moved Graves of Cedarhurst Cemetery by George E. Wolf Jr/2011

Many unmarked and unknown graves. These names have been listed as being buried in La Porte's New Cemetery.
Robert Busch (Cattleman) born Oct. 27,1842 Chambers Co.,Texas and died Nov. 27,1930. (Death Cert.) Married Jennie. Robert is the brother of Frank R. Busch who is buried in a marked grave in Cedarhurst Cemetery.
Jennie Busch born Sept. 26,1850 Georgia and died March 14,1931. (Death Cert.) Married Robert Busch.
J. S. Ewell married Nancy Shriver May 7,1856 Tyler Co.,VA. He died on June 18,1902. Buried in the GAR section of the new cemetery.
Eddie Davidson born July 1898 Texas and died August 18,1902. Father-Robert Davidson Mother-Elizabeth.
Charles M. Ostrander born 1902 Texas and died April 27,1925. He married Margaret Brewer.
Rauslaer Paddock born Jan. 1820 New York and died April 23,1903. Married Jane Shaffer in 1860. His daughter Helen married Joseph Kirkland. Both are buried in the La Porte Cemetery.
Wells Brewer born Feb. 1834 New York and died April 3,1910. Married Sarah A. in 1867. Son Albert born March 1870.
Lydia A. Nichols born May 1850 Illinois and died April 17,1902. Married Frank Nichols.
Wilimena Beck born Dec. 1862 Wisconsin and died Oct. 1,1905. Marrried Louis Beck.
Zachariah William Lynk born April 11,1860 Illinois and died June 9,1904. Married Cornelia Finch Jan. 25,1882 Will Co.,Illinois. 
D.A. Morris buried in the new cemetery Jan. 3,1907.
Dad Rising buried in the new cemetery Jan. 9,1902.
Ferdinand Ballart buried in the new cemetery Feb. 20,1902.
Mrs. J.B. Sheldon buried in the La Porte Cemetery Jan. 1,1906.
Doris McKinney died April 28,1910.
Chester Kennedy died July 26,1904.
Maurice Corrington died Dec. 11,1904.
Thomas Gault died June 25,1903.
John Gilbert born Feb. 1829 New York and died Jan. 8,1902.
Edward A. Fowler (Towler?) b. Oct. 25, 1900 d Dec. 2,1903.
Joseph Northgraves Served in Co. I 23 Iowa UNION SOLDIER CIVIL WAR Born 1844 Died 1907 Grave is unmarked. Father- Joseph Northgraves, Mother-Jane (To the right of the Donner Plot?)
A unknown grave eroding into Little Cedar Bayou,
I found parts of coffin handles and bones and reburied them on top next the Terhunes.
Two large cedars mark 2 unknown graves?


There are several gravemarkers in the La Porte Cemetery that have dates before 1907. These may have been moved from Cedarhurst Cemetery to the La Porte Cemetery.
On one stone:
Ann Nicholls born Jan. 30,1842 died May 2,1897
J. B. Nicholls born July 20,1838 died Feb. 3,1904
Nora Nicholls born May 2,1874 died Feb. 24,1905
John Michael Luckey born Apr. 23,1896 died June 27,1899
Known moved grave:
Louis Campbell born Feb. 2,1847 died Jan. 18,1910. He was a Mason.