Cedarhurst Cemetery


Cedarhurst Cemetery, La Porte,Texas
By George Wolf Jr./2000-2008

43 Possible graves.

It all started on the old Johnson Hunter Survey, Aug.10,1824.(Book 2, page 394)
A man with a idea, IRA R. HOLMES was born June 1852 in Ohio, he married Olive L.? who was born Mar. 1864 in Ill.
They adopted a daughter named Birdie M. who was born Oct.1881 in the State of Ill.
Holmes was a town builder who saw the opportunity for a town at the mouth of Buffalo Bayou. On a visit to Houston,Texas in early July 1890, he had an occasion to visit Morgan's Point with Capt. Frederick Leon Allien, who was trying to develop the town of Bayview there.
Holmes returned to Denver where he interested the York brothers in the idea of a new town at the Morgan's Point location.
The group formed the La Porte Land and Town Company. They purchased several hundred acres from Allien and over 1,000 acres from Dr. John Beazley in what is now La Porte.
In 1895, I.R. Holmes had been appointed acting mayor by the company.
All the backers left La Porte except I.R. Holmes and A.O. Blackwell when most of the settlers left the area and they started losing money. Mr. Blackwell and Mr. Holmes, after the 1903 slump, made a desperate effort to bring to reality the New Gulf City they had visualized.
I.R. Holmes and Blackwell started over east of old La Porte, called New Town or East La Porte. The two towns did not get along and fights insued!
The CEDARHURST CEMETERY was laid out around 1896 and was called at the time the New Cemetery. I.R. Holmes got his hands on the land for the cemetery and in 1907, the CEDARHURST CEMETERY ASSOCIATION was created.
The Cedarhurst Cemetery Association owners of Blocks No.1126-1127-1128-1153-1154-1155 in the town of La Porte, Harris County,Texas have subdivided the said blocks into bural lots and blocks as shown on the above plat and it hereby dedicates the streets and walks to such use as is necessary in connection with the purposes for which said block is intended, that is, for cemetery purposes.
In witness where at the said corporation has caused these present to be signed by it's President and has caused its corporation seal to be hereby attached this day of February,A.D. 1907.

The association was charging 10 dollars a plot which was too much at that time, thats when the La Porte Cemetery was started at 1 dollar a plot.

The cemetery map shows it to have beautiful garden rows and streets with different names like Cedar Ave., Magnolia Ave., Holly Ave., Laurel Ave., Pine Ave., Spruce Ave. and Myrtle Avenue. There was to be two parks inside also. Of coarse none of this came to be.

It seems to me that those people that got buried here were ripped off. They didn't get what they paid for.

The last grave was in 1933, the cemetery was no longer being used and several graves were moved to other cemeteries.

b July 5,1849 d Sept. 26,1913 At Rest
Stone broken off base.

Our MAMIE, Daughter of J.E. & M.C. Idlebrook
b Dec. 22,1874
Married to A.R. Prince Feb. 4,1897
Departed this life Jan. 25,1904
Stone laying down.

b Feb. 2,1841 d Nov. 23,1910

J.E. Idlebrook was born Feb. 2,1841, Germany. John married Mary C.? in the year 1867. The Idlebrook family while living at Matagorda,Texas was washed out by a really bad hurricane in the late 1800's. They eventually settled at Red Bluff,Harris Co.,Texas, being on the William P. Harris Grant.
John Idlebrook ran a general store and was postmaster at the little town of Red Bluff.
Red Bluff was a settlement that existed between 1880 and 1890. It had a pop. of about 100, a post office, school, church, and the Idlebrook General Store.
John later moved his business to Crescent Park in 1893, but soon returned to the boat building business and they closed the store. Later they moved the store to the corner where the Isensee brick building stands. Mrs. Idlebrook ran the store until her death in 1913.
The Idlebrook's had two daughters, Adelia Idlebrook born in 1870, she marred W. N. Henegan, a native of Liberty Co.,Texas April 1892. They moved into a two-story frame building at the corner of 7th and Main in La Porte,Texas. Mrs. Henegan ran the family business until her death in 1941, she is buried in the La Porte Cemetery (2nd) next to her second husband Guy Ray Hamilton.
Mamie Idlebrook was born Dec. 22,1874, she married Albion B. Prince, he was born Dec. 1871 in Mass. The couple was married on Feb. 4,1897. Mamie died on Jan. 25,1904 and is buried with her parents in Cedarhurst.
John E. Idlebrook died on Nov. 23,1910 and Mary C. Idlebrook died on Sept. 26,1913. Both are buried in the Cedarhurst Cemetery next to their daughter Mamie Prince.

b May 4,1834 d Feb. 10,1904
(Stone broken off base.) Stone is now fixed.
Willam H. Surber was born on May 4,1834 in Virginia. He had a son named Sylvestor A. Surber, born Aug. 1855 in Iowa. William died on Feb. 10,1904 and is buried in the Cedarhurst Cemetery.

Unknown, cement top, no dates or first name. The Buchholz family came to La Porte around the years 1910/1915. May be a child?
There is a Friedricha Buchholz buried in the (Other) La Porte Cemetery across Little Cedar Bayou. May be related?


(Brother) Charles B. Terhune born July 1848 Indiana died Dec. 27,1901
Charles B. Terhune's stone is missing, only the base and footstone with letters C.B.T. remains. His stone may have fell into Little Cedar Bayou?
Part of the Terhune Plot cement wall has fallen along the side of Little Cedar Bayou.

(Sister) Jennie Terhune born Dec. 1861 Iowa died Jan. 16,1908
Jennie gravestone is missing but the broken footstone is still there.

(Sister) Emma L. Terhune was born in April 1855 Iowa. She owned 165 acres in 1902-1903 and was said to have lived off of Blackwell Ave.
Emma Terhune died in 1933 and is buried next to her brother and sister in the Cedarhurst Cemetery.

Their mother was Martha Terhune born 1825 Indiana.

Frank Busch was born on Feb. 28,1852, Cedar Bayou,Texas. His parents were Frank A. Busch (1812-1881) and Mary Papp, daughter of Johonn M.F. Papp and Elizabeth Tammer of Cedar Bayou, Chambers Co.,Texas.
Frank married Elizabeth C. Ricketts in the year 1872. Elizabeth was born Aug. 8,1851, Texas. Her father was born in Virginia and mother in Mississippi.
The Busch and Baker families, early cattle ranchers at Cedar Bayou operated La Porte?s first butcher shop.
Elizabeth had four children, three living, a Baker baby lies buried next to the couple in Cedarhurst. This was the child of Hance and Maggie Baker, the child  may have passed away in 1906.  Maggie Busch b. June 19,1873 married Hance Baker. (See below)  Rosa May Busch b. June 1876 married Richard Baker.
A daughter Eelenor Busch was born Nov. 1891 married Marshall Woolever and she died in California.
Frank R. Busch died April 11,1903. He was a Mason.
Elizabeth was listed as owning 656 acres in La Porte during the period of 1902/1903.
Elizabeth Busch died on March 3,1920 and was buried next to her husband in Cedarhurst.

Mrs. HANCE (Maggie) BAKER born June 19,1873 died Feb. 4,1926
Daughter of Frank R. Busch.
Buried in the Busch Family Plot.


Samuel C. Dale was born Feb. 3,1843 in Indiana Co.,Pennsylvania.
He enlisted in the Union Army when he was 18. He served in the 76th Ill. Infantry and 14th Ill. Cavalry. Enrolled Aug. 21,1862, he was captured and paroled at Holly Springs, Mississippi, Dec. 20,1862. Reported at Bentons Barracks, Miss., Jan. 7,1863 and was reported absent without leave on rolls of that barracks to Jan. 1863. All charges of absence without leave and desertion of and to Jan. 1863 against this soldier are removed and he is discharged to date Jan. 15,1863 to complete his military record.
Enrolled in the Co. H, 14 Regt. Ill. Cavalry Jan. 28,1863 and mustered out with company July 31,1865.
On Oct. 27,1867 he married Nancy June Burns in Ford Co.,Ill.
Nancy died Oct. 4,1890 in Burr Oak, Kansas and two daughters in 1893.
Samuel C. Dale and family moved to La Porte,Texas around 1901.
Ada and Della Dale died May 6 & 7, 1903, 12 hours apart.
Minnie M. Dale, the only surviving child was born Aug. 8,1872. Minnie took care of her father with his few remaining years left in La Porte,Texas.
Samuel C. Dale was 6 feet tall, light complexed, blue eyes and light colored hair.
S. C. Dale died May 22,1905, age 62 years at La Porte,Texas. The funeral service was conducted at the Baptist Church by Rev. J.H.H. Ellis assisted by Rev. B.W. Hugg. Several touching songs were sung by Mr. and Mrs. Hovey and Rev. Hugg. His remains were laid to rest at La Porte Cemetery by comrades.
Minnie Dale later moved to Portland,Oregon and married a Mr. Casey. She tried for years to get part of her fathers Civil War pension but was denied.



JANE ELLEN wife of Newton J.Bonner
born Mar. 16,1843 Panola Co.,Miss. died June 9,1901
Father-George W. Deaton born abt 1815 North Carolina
Mother-Jane Catherine Dubois born abt 1819 Tennessee

born Oct. 22,1850 died July 26,1908 Newton was murdered by J.L. Mitchell



Dec 17 1821

Sep 07 1870

Wife of Thomas Bonner

Union Cemetery, Falls Co.,Texas



Dec 06 1883

Feb 02 1899

Union Cemetery, Falls Co.,Texas



May 20 1814

April 20,1900

Husband of Elizabeth Bonner and father of Newton Bonner.

Thomas is buried in the Union Cemetery in Falls Co.,Tx.


Georgia Anna Bonner b 1872 Miss. d 1963 Howard Co.,Texas

Children of Georgia Bonner Isbell:

Jan P. Isbell b 1892

Lucille M. Isbell b 1896

John Frank Isbell b July 1898 d Feb. 11,1906 Buried in Cedarhurst Cemetery next to his Grandparents. He is listed on the 1900 census as John F. Isbell but states gender as daughter? Must be a mistake by the census taker?

Albert Q. Bonner b 1878 Miss. d 1959 Dallam Co.,Texas

Grandson of the Bonners and son of Georgia Isbell.
(No dates on stone) born July 1898 died Feb. 11,1906 Age 7.

Graves surrounded by a concrete wall, maybe two graves, no names or dates?

William Rabb was born Dec. 30,1823 in the Colorado River Valley,Texas. Willam was the second white male born on the Colorado in 1823.
His father (Andrew Rabb 1793-1869), Uncles and Grandfather William Rabb were one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred Settlers in 1822.
William married Mary F. ? on July 28,1847 in Fayette Co.,Texas. Mary was born Dec. 1828, Ala.
His children as listed;
Sam b 1846?
Julia b 1847
Andrew b 1848
Thomas b 1851
Thea P. b 1859
Mary later died?
William Rabb during the Civil War was listed on a muster roll in Fayette Co.,Texas in Captain Z.M.P. Rabb's company, 13th day of Jan. 1863.
William moved to Chambers Co.,Texas around 1880 and married Prudence Risingen born June 3,1819, Ohio. She died in Harris Co.,Texas on Mar. 19,1896 and is buried in the Paker Cemetery, Baytown,Texas.
William moved to La Porte and died Nov. 26,1904 and is buried in the Cedarhurst Cemetery.

Grave marked only with the name MAUDE, no dates. May be Maude Baker? (Info 1957)
Near Bonner plots.

Near the Terhune Family Plot is a base of a gravestone. Unknown?


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