Brookside Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2009

Brookside Memorial Park Cemetery is located at 13401 East Freeway (US 59) and Lauder Road. 112 acres, chartered 1931. The cemetery was originaly the old BERRY FAMILY CEMETERY. Later turned into the Brookside Cemetery. Lots of Spanish-American War Veterans graves. Graves moved from Allen Parkway Village and the Episcopal-Masonic Cemetery are located here.


Brookside Funeral Home originally started in 1884, according to Milton Lockwood, whose family were ranchers just north of Greens bayou on the old Humble road. Part of the Lockwood family is interred on the section where the first burial took place, which is how Berry Cemetery began. This cemetery, which extended north of Greens Bayou, was part of 140-acre tract which was owned by the James Berry Family.

Before 1930, Mr. Ira Brooks, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, wanted to start a cemetery in the Houston area. He approached the Berry Family and purchased the original 140-acre tract that was the original part of Brookside. This tract extended from U.S. 59 on the north to the center of Greens Bayou and on the south to the formerly-known Lauter Road. Mr. Brooks then incorporated Brookside as a cemetery in June 1931.

All of the sections that have “walkways” are part of the development that took place in the 1930s. In the 1930s, a gentleman by the name of Pierce Posey Brooks bought out Mr. Ira Brooks’ interest in the business. These two men were of no relation to one another, and Ira Brooks was the gentleman for which Brookside got its name. Mr. Posey Brooks was a speculator and a candidate for the Texas Railroad Commission. It is undecided whether construction of the Chapel of the Chimes started with the ownership of Ira or Posey Brooks. The Chapel of the Chimes was built using stone from the old Presbyterian Church on Main Street in downtown Houston. This church was burned, and the stone was transported to Brookside.