Blalock Family Cemetery


By George E. Wolf Jr.
Located south at the end of 8th st. on private property in Highlands,Texas. The graves are beside the driveway of the Loyld R. Dunn residence of 111 8th Street.
Only three stones are still there, two of which are partially covered up. There are said to be 5 graves in this cemetery. At this time this cemetery may not be there anymore.
Listed on the Land Owners of Harris County 1902-1903 is;
Robert Blalock, 600 acres located in the Lynchburg P.O.

UPDATE: I went back to the Blalock Cemetery in 2008. Mr. Dunn was happy to let me take pictures. He has done a wonderful job in restoring th small cemetery. Mr. Dunn stated that there was a 5th grave of a baby but could not find a trace of it. This maybe the 5th unknown grave. Next to the small cemetery was the Risser Saw Mill.

Unknown grave (baby) Said to be next to Robert Singleton's grave but may be on the left side of Robert Blalock's grave.

Robert Blalock Born July 14,1824 Died Nov. 24,1909

Emer F. Hare, wife of Robert Blalock Born Apr. 11,1829 Died Feb. 12,1892

Vanilloy Singleton Born ? Died Jan. 13, 18? 9 yrs, 8 months, 26 days (Stone damaged)

Robert B. Singleton Born Nov. 12,1872 Died Jan. 17,1892 19 yrs, 2 months, 15 days