Beasley Family Cemetery



Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

By George E. Wolf Jr./2001

The Beasley Family Cemetery is located at 1300 of Bayshore Drive and Oak Drive in La Porte. In a small city park.
No markers. Surrounded by a small metal fence. Current owner has had the land for a number of years. Property abstract mentions the cemetery. Believed to date back to around the 1920's, Beasley family members only.

List of those who might be buried in the Beasley Cemetery.

John Beasley b Aug. 6,1780 d June 11,1853

Lucy Porter Beasley b Sept. 22,1780 d Dec. 3,1854

George Abner Alexander Beasley b Mar. 30,1809 d Dec. 1878

Mary Herbert Beasley b Sept. 25,1808 d Aug. 8,1869

Mary Ann Beasley b June 1805 d 1860

Alexander Hamilton Beasley b 1841 d Oct. 5,1867

John Beasley b Oct. 5,1843 d ?

Lucy Fairfax Beasley

Mary Beasley b July 12,1846 d July 25,1861