Bayland Orphanage Cemetery

Bayland Orphanage Cemetery-Baytown,Texas

by George E. Wolf Jr.

Located at 146 and Goose Creek, Baytown,Texas.

Founded for children with Confederate fathers who passed away, chartered in 1866.

The Historical Marker at the site is missing.

Bayland Orphanage - Established in 1866 by Texas Confederate veterans for children of deceased soldiers. Had capacity for 250. Rev. Henry F. Gillette was first superintendent. C. S. A. Col. Ashbel Smith, diplomat, soldier and statesman, was staff doctor. trustees included leading citizens. Donations from Harris and Galveston counties started the home, but later gifts came from as far away as New Orleans. After the Confederate children grew up, home and school were opened to others. Bayland was forerunner of the De Pelchin faith Home, of Houston.

There once was a cemetery nearby that may have been used for the orphanage. It has since eroded into Goose Creek and is lost.

Names of those who may have been buried there:

Henry Arto 12, died

John W. Coldiron, died

John Campbell 2,died

Harry Duke 2,died

Robert Le-? 6,died

William Moss 2,died

Mrs. Frances Moss 35,died

Thomas Wilson 13,drowned

Plus other unknowns.

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