Almeda Cemetery

In 1892 Illinois investors bought land here, near a pre-Civil War railroad line, and platted the town of Almeda. With its mild climate, the town was marketed as a citrus farming community, but unusually severe freezes caused many farmers to turn to dairy production by the 1920s. Almeda became a prosperous dairy farming town. In 1893 residents founded a school district that served children from parts of three counties. Although Almeda became part of the city of Houston in 1959, it remains a part of local history. Incising: This marker is paid for by families coming by 1900 J. Harris Taylor Pretty Riley Dugger J. Parker A. Parker Edmundson Anderson Birdsall Ormsby Mowery

Almeda Cemetery by George E. Wolf Jr./2007

Located north of Kirby along Beltway 8 feeder road, south of 288. Cemetery located on right side of feeder road.

Nice condition, great shape. Lots of unknown graves. The first burial was in 1898 of Jessie, daughter of E.F. Stewart.

Her marker reads "Lead Kindly Light". There was a number of deaths in 1898. Some of the old markers are damaged and some unmarked or lost.

There is no complete listing of burials.

Almeda Cemetery Listing

4 unknown marked graves


Adelbert Birdsall b 1849 d 1924

Benjamin Canby Birdsall b ? d 1898

John B. Jones Aug. 14,1860 d Jan. 11,1924

Mike ? Dates unknown

Lester Mowery b 1912 d 1913

Rosco Mowery b 1908 d 1919

John A. Reed dates unknown

? Ivor dates unknown

Baby Woodfin dates unknown


Robert W. Tyler b 1854 d 1940

Trula Shaw Woodfin b in Texas d Feb. 28,1919

Henry M. Woodfin b May 23,1870 d Nov. 2,1926

Verna Park Bunjes b Aug. 18,1900 d May 5,1922 wife of John Martin Bunjes

Marion A. Keyworth b Dec. 4,1962 d April 7,2003

George Lewis Clark b 1919 d Dec. 20,1926

Francis Louis Clark b Sept. 19,1917 d Nov. 11,1919

Jessie, dau of T H & E F Stewart b Oct. 24,1891 d July 18,1898

George Ormsby dates unknown

Martha, wife of W. Stulge b Sept. 3,1861 d Oct. 6,1898

David T. Davidson b June 25,1847 d Sept. 2,1911