Alex Gossman Family Cemetery

By George E. Wolf Jr./2010

This is a small family cemetery with 3 graves. It is located just south of Redbluff Rd. and the Ball Park in Pasadena,Texas. Alex Gossman Born Mar. 28,1881 and died Sept. 7,1922. Twin baby's born and died Sept. 2,1922. All are buried on the family homestead.

When the land was sold to the new land owner, he may have taken the 4 foot marble tombstone and hauled it over to Grand Island Slough and threw it in the bayou. The graves are now lost.

Buried at the Alex Gossman Family Cemetery

Alex Gossman b Mar. 28,1881 d Sept. 7,1922

Baby b & d Sept. 2,1922

Baby b & d Sept. 2,1922