Laying A Bathroom Floor

laying a bathroom floor
    bathroom floor
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laying a bathroom floor - Tile Style:
Tile Style: Creating Beautiful Kitchens, Baths & Interiors with Title
Tile Style: Creating Beautiful Kitchens, Baths & Interiors with Title
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Bathroom I remodeled
Bathroom I remodeled
I was hired at the end of October to remodel this bathroom. The shower had leaked into the wall and under the floor. About a 4 by 8 foot section of wall had to be replaced as well as some floor joists under the floor. About half the floor had to be replaced too. We actually started talking about this prior to my vacation in September but it took until the end of October to put it all together with exactly which products we would use in the room. Most of what you see was purchased from Home Depot. My experience with Home Depot has nearly convinced me not to be a remodeling contractor anymore. The tear out and reinstallation of the wall and floor went fine, nothing out of the ordinary. But since there was a shower in this location and the customer wanted a bath tub, I had to move some plumbing under the house. When it was time to go get the bath tub, I went to the closest Home Depot, which is located in Kent, Washington. They had no bath tubs but told me there were two of them at the Tukwila Washington store, just 8 miles away. So, off to Tukwila I went. I went into the store, which was in the middle of being remodeled, and found the tub. But it was too bulky to lift by myself so I went to find some help. I found a nice young lady in the Kitchen and Bath department and asked if she could help me load a tub. She immediately asked, "Do you have a cart?" I patted my pockets and looked around, no I didn't have a cart. "Well, you have to have a cart!" So, I walked back to the front of the store, outside and clear to the other end of the front of the store and finally found a cart. When I returned, the young girl in the Kitchen and bath department was nowhere to be found. A nice young man in an orange Home Depot vest came walking down the aisle so I asked him if HE could help me get a bathtub on a cart. He said, "No, I'm recovering from whiplash." I pointed to a couple of petite young girls who had just shown up in the Kitchen and Bath department and said, "That's ok, I'll just get one of these little girls to help." So, we got the tub on a cart, I paid for it and got it loaded into my truck. When I got the bathtub home, I noticed there were no instructions on how to install it. I figured Lasco corporation thought all bathtubs would be installed by a man and we don't need no stinking instructions. But I've found over the years that if I install it incorrectly, they will say the warrenty is void when there is a problem with it. So I follow the instructions. Since this had none, I looked on the internet and found them. Printed them out, ready to go. Reading the instructions, it mentioned "Bath Locks" that were supposed to be included with the bath tub. These are little plastic cone like things that you insert in the bottom half of the tub before you install it, then slide the top half over them and the thing sticks together. Trouble is, this tub has none. So back to Home Depot I go. The guy there says he has a couple of broken tubs and checks, yes, he has the bath locks from one of those he can give me. By now, a full Saturday has gone by, no tub installed. Tuesday night I installed the base, then Wednesday and Thursday evening, I relocated the drain under the house and installed it to the tub. Then Friday evening, I decided to see if I could figure out how to intall the bath faucet. I opened the box on the bath faucet and found that it was broken, and it was broken before it was placed in the box because the broken part was not in there. So, back to Home Depot to exchange it. They were out of them, but Tukwila has a couple of them. I had just come from Renton, past Tukwila to Kent. I happened to know that the Delta Faucet rep was usually AT the Kent Home Depot on Saturday mornings so stopped by there the next day, and they had the faucet in stock. I bought one, went out into the parking lot and opened it, just to make sure it wasn't the one I had returned the night before. So, back to the house to install the top half of the tub. I unpacked the top half of the tub only to find a crack in the top right corner. It was in a spot where most likely, no one would ever see it or know it was there and I probably could have just put some caulking on it and it would have been fine. But maybe not. And I just couldn't face these people down the road when they called me to ask why it's wet under their bath tub. So, back to the Tukwila Home Depot with just the top half of the bathtub. At Home Depot, they unbolted the top from a tub in stock and exchanged the cracked one without any hassle. We loaded that back on my truck and back to the customer's house I went. As it turns out, the holes for the prevously mentioned "bathlocks" aren't drilled in any particular location, just one towards the front on each end and two on the back side. So, the new top didn't line up with the old bottom. I did some quick fixin and got it installed.
the newly tiled floor in the men's bathroom
the newly tiled floor in the men's bathroom
this is the bathroom floor sans grout. the floor has been a nightmare to level out, but here we are with the tile laid.... i chose the beige color because it was on a super sale, and then bought the finer glass tiles to cut into sections and place randomly to give it a bit more flair.

laying a bathroom floor
laying a bathroom floor
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