Conductive floor tile - Lower basement floor - Red oak hardwood floor stain.

Conductive Floor Tile

conductive floor tile
    conductive floor
  • (Conductive Floors) Floors containing metal or other conductive materials to drain off or prevent static electricity build-ups or discharges.
  • Arrange (two or more windows) on a computer screen so that they do not overlap
  • a flat thin rectangular slab (as of fired clay or rubber or linoleum) used to cover surfaces
  • cover with tiles; "tile the wall and the floor of the bathroom"
  • Cover (something) with tiles
  • a thin flat slab of fired clay used for roofing

Comice RCA
Comice RCA
"Audiophile-Grade" Cables Have Finally Arrived For Car Audio With the Comice Silver Interconnect, Pear Cable has made a leap forward by utilizing appropriate home audio cable technology to bring a crystal clear sound to car audio. Pure Silver Signal Conductors 99.99% pure silver, annealed to prevent microcracking, for "audiophile-grade" signal transfer. Don't settle for sound degrading silver-plated copper. Pure silver conductors significantly reduce corrosion and the harmful silver/copper metal interface is eliminated, for the ultimate in sonic clarity and accuracy. Triple Noise Reduction with TRIBODeadTM Three levels of noise reduction including the world's first car audio cable to have TRIBODead triboelectric noise killer. •TRIBODeadTM conductive polymer layer dramatically reduces the amount of triboelectric noise created. Pear Cable is the world's first company to bring this technology to car audio cables. Triboelectric charges are created when vibration causes two different materials to rub against each other in a cable. TRIBODead™ virtually eliminates this noise caused by vehicle vibration for a cleaner sound and lower overall noise floor. •Twisted Pair conductors help prevent EMI noise from getting into your sound system. EMI is generated in your car as current travels through the chassis of the vehicle. Twisted pair conductors are essential for eliminating alternator whine. •Spiral Serve Shield. Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) rejection is accomplished with a silver plated spiral served shield, grounded at one end only. The metallic shield acting in conjunction with the TRIBODead™ layer offers 100% RFI coverage. Teflon Air Tubes Teflon air tubes are twisted with the Teflon insulated wires to lower the capacitance of the cable. A technique generally reserved for high fidelity home audio cables, Comice Silver Interconnects elevate car audio cables to a new standard. Hear all the punch you desire without the fatigue. Portal - AudioShop ( Chandra ) Hotline : 08161956046, 021-70505183 e-mail :
Photochallenge Day 262, Green Living
Photochallenge Day 262, Green Living
Hearst Tower NYC, located at 300 West 57th Street. The former six-story headquarters building was commissioned by the founder, William Randolph Hearst and completed in 1928. Originally built as a base to a skyscraper but postponed due to the Great Depression of 1929. The Hearst Tower was the first skyscraper to break ground in New York City after September 11, 2001 stands 46 stories consisting of an uncommon triangular framing pattern also known as a diagrid. Hearst Tower is the first "green" high rise office building completed in New York City, with a number of environmental considerations built into the plan. The floor of the atrium is paved with heat conductive limestone. Polyethylene tubing is embedded under the floor and filled with circulating water for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Rain collected on the roof is stored in a tank in the basement for use in the cooling system, to irrigate plants and for the water sculpture in the main lobby. The building was constructed using 80% recycled steel. Overall, the building has been designed to use 26% less energy than the minimum requirements for the city of New York, and earned a gold designation from the United States Green Building Council’s LEED certification program.

conductive floor tile
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