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Cement Floor Cleaning

cement floor cleaning
    floor cleaning
  • Floor cleaning is a major occupation throughout the world. The main job of most cleaners is to clean floors.
  • Attach with cement
  • make fast as if with cement; "We cemented our friendship"
  • Settle or establish firmly
  • (of a material) Bind (particles) together in sedimentary rock
  • concrete pavement is sometimes referred to as cement; "they stood on the grey cement beside the pool"
  • a building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar
cement floor cleaning - EDIC Pilot
EDIC Pilot 1400SC Tile, Grout, Cement and Hard Floor Auto Scrubber
EDIC Pilot 1400SC Tile, Grout, Cement and Hard Floor Auto Scrubber
EDIC's Pilot automatic scrubber is ideal for deep cleaning of hard floors, pavement concrete and grouted tile. The Pilot gives you all the performance of larger, more expensive equipment but in a lightweight, compact size that's super easy to operate and store. At only 30 lbs, it's simple to transport to any job site.

The Pilot's versatility makes it perfect for routine maintenance or periodic deep cleaning, especially in tight, obstructed areas such as restrooms or locker rooms.

The knockout punch of this machine is its rotary brushes. It features a pair of high-speed counter-rotating circular nylon brushes with two levels of bristles that deep-clean grout better than any cylindrical method. The flexing action of the flared nylon bristles scrubs the most difficult-to-clean mosaic tile and stone grouted floors with truly amazing results. Superior urethane squeegee blades allow one-pass cleaning or can be raised to double scrub for restorative cleaning.

The Pilot is the perfect green machine where less is more! It does not require harsh detergents that can damage sensitive stone and grout surfaces. It uses less solution, works in tandem with green chemicals and with its single motor, draws less amps.

EDIC's Pilot is user friendly and simple to operate and maintain. The recovery bucket, tank, brushes, squeegee and power cord can be taken apart in seconds to switch to other accessories. Optional nylo-grit brushes and pad holders can be attached for surface polishing and stripping of any hard surface.

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Grannys Glasses must die!
Grannys Glasses must die!
My folks have been trying to get grandma to get her eyes checked for the last six months (she stays with us now). She won't go and says the glasses she has are just fine. They are 25 or 30 years old at least and she can't see even when she does wear them. The other day she left them on the dryer in the laundry room and she barked at me to go get them for her. They must have vibrated off the dryer onto the cement floor (wink, wink) and OOPS! Man, I sure didn't see those laying there! I was wearing my size 12D Timberland Pro series work boots. Problem solved, now granny HAS to get new glasses! Some might say I'm a prick, but I think I did her a huge favor smashing those old f--king glasses. It was fun making sure that she would never see with those antiques again. They made the neatest little crunching sound as I stepped on them. But you just KNOW I had to grind my boot on them a while so I would know they were really crushed good. Glad I had the cellphone camera. The REALLY neat thing is that I bought those boots with money grams gave me for Christmas last year! LOL
LR/DR Benjamin Moore Cement Gray 08/09
LR/DR Benjamin Moore Cement Gray 08/09
Step 1: Paint. Here's my living/dining painted Benjamin Moore Cement Gray. I love the color, but as you can see from this set of photos -- which were all taken seconds apart -- that the amount of light can really change it. At night there's a definite violet cast, which is really nice, too. Select "All Sizes" to see the large shot of this. The room has been stripped of almost everything decorative. Really impersonal, it feels kind of like a hotel room now. But this is the first step in starting over, wiping the slate clean, and I wouldn't have put the furniture back if we'd had a place to store it : ) Hopefully, we'll move on to Step 2 soon: the floor.

cement floor cleaning
cement floor cleaning
ALL IN ONE! Rubber Broom - Heavy Duty Floor Squeegees, Sweeps & Scrubs w/Telescoping handle
You'll be swept away when you see what the Rubber Broom can do! It's a scrub brush, a broom and a squeegee all rolled into one. Watch dust and pet hair come to you as the soft electrostatic bristles. attract and trap it. the squeegee to mop up spills, or wash windows. Notice your housework diminish when you need to spend less time sweeping! With this broom, you'll drive out all dirt in one fell sweep! INDOORS OR OUTDOORS The Sweep-N-Kleen BROOM can be used on brick or cement walkways to sweep up dirt, leaves, grass, sand or even snow.

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