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Current Position
  • Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Computer Science Department. 
  • Teaching "Computational Intelligence in Design: Games, Agents and 3D Printing" in Spring and Fall semesters.
  • Member of Neural Networks Research Group directed by Dr. Risto Miikkulainen.
  • Doing research on evolutionary computing, machine/deep learning and 3D printing.
Research Interests
  • Nonlinear, Constrained, Multidisciplinary (Design) Optimization
  • Multi-objective Optimization (i.e. Finding multiple trade-off solutions)
  • Bayesian Optimization (i.e., Statistical model-based or data-driven optimization) for computationally expensive problems
  • Machine / Deep Learning
  • Multi-physics simulations (Heat Transfer, Solid Mechanics, Microstructure and Dynamics FEM simulations)
  • Additive Manufacturing (FDM, SLS and SLM)
  • Manufacturing Process Simulations and Optimization (Friction Stir Welding, Metal Casting, Pultrusion)

Other Interests
  • Arduino Projects
  • Raspberry Pi Projects
  • Drones

  • Ph.D., Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, July 2006 - January 2010
    • Mechanical Engineering / Manufacturing 
    • Thesis: Optimization of process parameters to control thermo-mechanical conditions in friction stir welding
  • M.Sc., Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, September 2002 - June 2005
    • Mechanical Engineering / Solid Mechanics 
    • Thesis: Structural Optimization of Truss Systems Under Stress, Displacement, Buckling and Natural Frequency Constraints
  • B.Sc., Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, September 1998 - June 2002
    • Mechanical Engineering / System Dynamics and Control
    • Thesis: Robust control of flexible structures

Academic Experience
  • Postdoc Fellow
    • Michigan State University, Electrical and Computer Eng., Computational Optimization and Innovation Lab (directed by Dr. Kalyanmoy Deb), March 2013 - Jan 2015.
  • Assistant Professor
    • Technical University of Denmark, Mechanical Eng., Denmark, May 2011 - Feb 2013.
  • Postdoc Fellow
    • Technical University of Denmark, Mechanical Eng., Denmark, Aug 2009 - May 2011.
Industrial Experience
  • Application Engineer & Optimization Specialist
    • FIGES A.S. (Consultancy firm for engineering design using simulations and optimization), Turkey, Jan 2004 - Dec 2004.
  • Application Engineer in Fuselage Design Group
    • ROTAM (Rotorcraft Design and Excellence Center), Turkey, Jan 2005 - June 2006.