The Celtic String Band details

Resources for mandolins mandolas, bouzoukis, citterns and other plucked, strummed and hammered instruments. Includes full notation and audio practise files.   Great for small mixed instrument groups and classes.  Note that these resources are for intermediate players and don't include tablature.  

The six tunes in this book have been arranged so as to allow intermediate level mandolin students to produce a full and satisfying ensemble sound and are supplied in a variety of forms, some of which include mandolin tablature, cello parts, harmony parts and resources for guitarists and bouzouki players.

  1. Introduction 
  2. The St Kilda Wedding 
  3. The Firth of Cromarty 
  4. The Laddie wi’ the Plaidie 
  5. The Hills of Glenorchy 
  6. The Highland Baggpipe 
  7. The Laird’s Guid Brither 
  8. Appendix 1 – all resources on single staves 

Six great Irish tunes, all arranged with parts for the small ensemble.  Full notation for all parts and loads of audio files to help you learn the tunes.

  1. The Brosna 
  2. O’Keefe’s 
  3. Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine  
  4. The March of the King of Laois 
  5. Brian Boru 
  6. The Monk’s Jig 
  7. Appendix 1 – tunes and harmonies 


James Aird of Glasgow published the first of his six volumes of 1190 tunes in 1782 and the six tunes arranged here are taken from that first collection.  

1.  Introduction
2.  Quick Step 30th Regt      
3.  The Lady’s Plaything
4.  The Moon and Seven Stars
5.  The Fyket
6.  The Grande Parade
7.  Old Plantation Girls  
8.  Appendix 1 – tunes and