Tutorials and Resources in Traditional Irish and Scottish Music

The tutorials for this course include full notation, including tablature,  tutorial notes and dozens of audio files to help you learn the real way - by playing along.

  Level 1    Complete Beginners               £12.50
  Level 2    Getting the Rhythm     £12.50
  Level 3    Getting into the Details       £12.50
           More details here!

                                Resources for 
              The Celtic String Band
Resources for mandolins mandolas, bouzoukis, citterns and other plucked, strummed and hammered instruments. Includes full notation and audio practise files.  

  A Scottish Collection  1   free/donate
 An  Aird's Selection  
  An  Irish  Selection           £12.50
                       More details here!

How to get these resources!

1.  Decide which items you wish to buy 

2.  Email me, naming the items you want (for free, to make a donation for and/or to buy).

3.  I will send you a link to my Paypal account or my bank details.

4.  Once you've paid I will send you a download link (asap).  The links will only last for 48 hours so please make sure and get the resources within that specified time.

Please note that the usual licensing conditions apply, including that:
- you may not multi-copy these items 
- you may not post these resources on the internet or make them freely available to anyone else.
-teachers may use these resources for classes or lessons - but only with my permission.

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