What Are Cheap Kilts?

Cheap Kilts

What are people actually looking for when they type the words cheap kilts into their browser?

Are they looking to buy one of the cheap and nasty imitations of an authentic Scottish kilt? Or are they hoping to find a bargain amongst all the tat, that is increasingly available, both on the High Street, and on the internet?

If you are looking for these cheap kilts, then don't waste your time reading further.

It is a sad fact that the market for Scottish kilts is being flooded by unscrupulous dealers, often setting themselves up as skilled kilt makers, offering what they claim to be genuine Scottish kilts at ridiculously low prices.

These unscrupulous dealers are giving the industry a very bad name.

Their aim of course is clear, to make huge profits, with no regard for the customer, or the quality of the product they offer.

So why is there a market for these cheap kilts?

Well, to put it bluntly, many people are unaware of what a genuine Scottish kilt actually is.

And these unscrupulous dealers ore only too willing to exploit those uninformed buyers.

So it really is a case of buyer beware!

So for those who don't know, a genuine Scottish kilt is a hand sewn, made to measure garment.

You can't just walk into a shop and buy one, and that goes for the internet too.

It is made from the finest quality worsted wool, woven on Scottish looms, which when properly looked after will last you a lifetime.

And furthermore they are made by highly skilled and experienced kilt which of course is one of the reasons why they cost so much.

So how much does a top quality, hand sewn, made to measure kilt actually cost?

Prices vary amongst the top kilt making companies in Scotland and you can expect to pay anything between four hundred to five hundred and ninety five pounds Sterling.

This at the current rate of exchange is around six hundred and forty, to nine hundred and fifty two American Dollars.

Another reason they cost so much, is that the average kilt has eight yards of material, most of which is taken up in the pleats, and this ensures that the kilt swings beautifully as you walk.