Quantum Physics

"The electrons not only know
whether or not both holes are open,
they know whether or not we are watching them,
and they adjust their behavior accordingly."
- John Gribbin
It is as if a myriad of ghost or potential particles
become one real particle with the collapse of the
wave function caused by our act of observation.
                  "What's worse, as soon as we stop looking at the electron, 
          or whatever we are looking at,
                    it immediately splits up into a new array of ghost particles, 
                   each pursuing their own path of probabilities
          through the quantum world.
Nothing is real unless we look at and it ceases
to be real as soon as we stop looking."
                        John Gribbin graduated with a degree in physics from the University of Sussex in 1966.
                        He later completed an MSc in astronomy, also from Sussex (1967) and a PhD in astrophysics
                        from the University of Cambridge (1971).