About the Club

The Celtic Piping Club is the hub for Australia’s piping community. It provides a network for people who play or are interested in the various types of Celtic pipes including uilleann pipes, Scottish smallpipes, Northumbrian pipes, Border pipes and other bellows-blown or mouth-blown pipes. The Great Highland Bagpipes are not a priority for the club as there are many other resources and opportunities already available for players of the Highland Pipes.

The Club was formally launched in June 2013 at the National Celtic Festival, Portarlington Victoria. Prior to this time there had been a number of ad hoc workshops presented at festivals, private homes and Celtic music schools. By 2013 there was such a keen interest amongst players that the club was created in an informal capacity.

As at 26 August 2016, the Celtic Piping Club Inc. became a legal entity. The activities of the Club are now administered by an enthusiastic committee of seven dedicated volunteers.

The inaugural committee of the Celtic Piping Club Inc. (21 Aug 2016)
L-R: Geoff Jones - president, Colin MacDougall - committee member, Sarah Wade - Vice President, Alan Parker - Secretary, Merran Moir - committee member, Pat Lyons - Treasurer
(absent - Matt Horsley)

Aims of the Celtic Piping Club
  • To generate opportunities for individuals and groups to play or experience Celtic bagpipes.
  • To develop community and fellowship around appreciation of Celtic bagpipes and music.
  • To encourage the study, practice, performance and development of the musical repertoire.
  • To promote the development of Celtic bagpipes and piping in Australia.
Key activities of the Celtic Piping Club
  • To develop and promote a programme of piping gatherings and events, e.g. sessions, concerts, guest players/makers.
  • To facilitate and encourage tutoring/learning opportunities.
  • To provide piping resources including online information, music & reference books, pipes for loan or hire, and membership of allied organisations.
  • To maintain a database of participants/members.
  • To distribute regular communiqués regarding Celtic piping in Australia both to members and the wider piping community.

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