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Pictures Of Different Musical Instruments

pictures of different musical instruments
    musical instruments
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Tocando Mbira dza vadzimu
Tocando Mbira dza vadzimu
In Shona music, the mbira dzavadzimu ("voice of the ancestors", national instrument of Zimbabwe) is a musical instrument that has been played by the Shona people of Zimbabwe for thousands of years. The mbira dzavadzimu is frequently played at religious ceremonies and social gatherings. A typical mbira dzavadzimu consists of between 22 and 28 keys constructed from hot- or cold-forged metal affixed to a hardwood soundboard (gwariva) in three different registers—two on the left, one on the right. While playing, the little finger of the right hand is placed through a hole in the bottom right corner of the soundboard, stabilizing the instrument and leaving thumb and index finger of the right hand open to pluck keys in the right register from above and below. The left hand is cupped around the left side of the instrument, with all fingers but the thumb placed behind the instrument. Both registers on the left side of the instrument are played with the left thumb. Bottle caps, shells, or other objects are often affixed to the soundboard to create a buzzing sound when the instrument is played. In a traditional setting, this sound is considered extremely important, as it is believed to attract the ancestral spirits. During a public performance, an mbira dzavadzimu is frequently placed in a deze (calabash resonator) to amplify its sound. The mbira dza vadzimu is very significant in Shona religion and culture, and is considered a sacred instrument. It is usually played to facilitate communication with ancestral spirits. The beautiful instrument pictured here was made by Richard Selman.
Bătaie-n tulnice
Bătaie-n tulnice
Targul de Fete de pe Muntele Gaina, 2006 edition, Apuseni Mountains, Transylvania, Romania The musical instrument you see is called "tulnic". It is found only in Transylvania. At the begining it was used for comunication at long distance especially for gathering an army. Later, the women gave this instrument several other uses so it started to mark all the important events in a lifetime: baptism, marriage, funerals, fire and different other catastrophies. Before using the instrument the women must put water in it in order for the wood to get wet and have a rounder sound. And that s exactly what you see in the picture. Every year, the Sunday closer to 20 of July, there is a traditional festival on the top of Gaina Mountain called Targul de Fete (Girls Fair). Lasting already for hundrieds of years, the fair was at the begining not only a place where the peasants from all the valleys around gathered to exchange their goods but also a place where girls got married.

pictures of different musical instruments
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