Dave Barta is a multi-talented musician and vocalist who has played keyboards most of his life. He particularly enjoys sharing traditional celtic music and songs. His pleasure in performing with the band is obvious to audiences, who can't help but respond 
to his infectious joy. 

John Beaton brings variety to Celtic Chaos musical performances with his poetry recitations. He writes his own compositions and they range from humorous (the adventure of Big Ian and his dog, Porridgeface) to serious, but always entertaining, stories on Celtic themes. John's poems have been widely published and he also recites Burns poetry.

Gordon Lafleur is a skilled player of the wooden Irish flute and penny whistle. His playing has been described as "haunting". He is a student of Chris Norman's having attended his Boxwood flute camp in Nova Scotia on several occasions. He adds a smooth melodic quality to the Celtic Chaos sound. 

Joe Spinelli rounds out Celtic Chaos's rich sound with his double bass and guitar. Joe is an accomplished musician, originally from Pennsylvania. He has mastered Celtic, Blues, Country, and Bluegrass styles. His decades of on-stage experience include performances with leading musicians such as The Chieftains and Natalie MacMaster.

Joyce Beaton
 plays traditional fiddle and cello. Having grown up in Scotland, traditional music has always been a big part of her life. She delights in sharing it widely and has performed in Nashville (Tennessee), Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Port Townsend, Lake Tahoe (with the San Francisco fiddlers), and in Aberdeen and on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. She loves to play on Vancouver Island. With her "gift of the gab", she is the spokesperson for the band.