Welcome to the Celtic Cat & Prairie Dog website. We are Pat Quinn (Celtic Cat) and Keith Johnson (Prairie Dog). Acoustic music in the Celtic and early Americana realm is our business and our passion. But we're not constrained by the Celtic and rustic Americana realm. We freely and whimsically wander off that traditional path whenever we feel the impulse, and whenever we find songs to play . . . and songs to play with.

We play instrumental Celtic and traditional Americana music, which includes: Irish Aires, caffeinated Jigs, rollicking Reels, pulsating Polkas, wandering Waltzes, pensive Planxties, a Hornpipe or two, all emanating from the sonorous reverberations of our beloved acoustic instruments.

Like two kids in a sandbox, we duet on any combination of a wide variety of instruments. Pat Quinn plays guitar, fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin, Irish whistles, Scottish pipes, and wanders off into banjo, concertina, and bodhran territory when the whimsy strikes. Keith Johnson plays guitar, mandolin, octave mandola, and harmonica. We also sing and duet on a number of songs as well.