About CellSVG

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is the recent W3C XML standard for visualization on web. Similar to XML standards for data representation in biological field,  SVG is tending to become a standards for visualization of biological data.

This site is an effort towards making SVG technology familiar and accessible to compuataional bioligist and to support realization of SVG as a de facto visualization standards for biological field.  Towards this end we have started CellSVG project.

CellSVG is a EMCA javascript based framework to generate Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for visualization of biological ( cellular) information.

In CellSVG project we use Batick (SVG toolkit), JAVA as supporting programming language and SVG editors like Inkscape. Read more about SVG here

Following projects have been initiated under CellSVG project
  • BioSymbols ( Library of manually drawn SVG symbols and icons of biological and medical concepts)
  • CellSVG Pathway Publisher
  • CellSVG Genome Publisher
  • CellSVG Interactive Ideogram

To view the live demo of use of CellSVG vist iPAVS, an Integrated System of Cellular Pathway and Interaction Resources with advance web based tools for Analysis and Visualization.


We would like to here from you:
My name is Pradeep Kumar Sreenivasaiah. You can contact me at the following emails: 
pradeep@cidms.org or cidms.org@gmail.com.
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