Cell Phone Spy

Our smartphones face a security risk. Along with loss of the device we also lose the important and confidential information stored on the phones. If it falls into wrong hands, we would be exposed to personal and professional risks. In addition to tackling technology related crimes, we also need to keep a track of the activities of our family; spouse and kids and employees. While a 24 x 7 physical monitoring is not feasible, the same is accomplished by use of mobile monitoring software which also doubles up as cell phone spy software. This software also helps to track and locate a lost/stolen phone.

Features offered by cell phone spy

Stealth monitoring

GPS location tracking

Call tracking and recording

Email tracking and recording

Logs all SMS and chat texts along with time and content

Logs browsing history

Enables specific website blocking and application blocking

Records all videos ad photos sent and received through the cell phone

Enables remote locking of the cell phone

Enables remote data removal

Provides data backup and recovery

Monitors activities on social media platforms

The installation of the cell phone spy is possible through physical access of the phone on which the spy software is to be launched. Download the app from the vendor website and install the same on the cell phone. This procedure should take no more than 15 minutes. With the cell phone soy installed you can monitor your spouse, kids and employees on a continuous basis and gather evidence if they are guilty of any wrongdoing.


A popular cell phone spy software is Mobile-Spy. It is top rated software and is the first to develop commercial spy software for iphones. The best part is that it is compatible on all operating systems; Android, Windows Mobile, Iphone, Blackberry and Symbian. Mobile Spy is ideal for those who require high end surveillance.

In addition to the tracking, logging and recording features offered by any other cell phone spy software, the Live Control Panel is offered by Mobile-Spy. This feature provides real time access by enabling you to view the phone screen in live and listen to the conversations.

The customer support offered by Mobile Spy is excellent. 24x 7 support is provided through phone, chat and ticket system. To meet the differing monitoring needs of users, Mobile Spy offers a range of plans. You can choose the Basic or Premium plans for 3 or 6 or 12 months subscription. A single subscription allows you to monitor 3 devices. When you take a year Mobile Spy license, you also get free Sniper Spy to monitor your smartphones and computers.

Mobile-Spy also offers a 7 day trial offer. You can take the trial offer and then subscribe to Mobile Spy.

The upgrades in technology bring along a corresponding increase in crimes as well. These are best combated with cell phone spy software like Mobile Spy. Install it and safeguard your personal and business interests. When you are unable to prove someone wrong, rely on the Mobile Spy to arm you with concrete evidence.