Texting is becoming the next Esperanto - universal language. Everyone, everywhere, every age, every gender is texting. There are romance txts, trading txts, gossip txts, relationships txts, all text messages to fit every event, every activity on the planet. There is also texting going on in every language under the sun.

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Smartphones For Text SSH Use — Revisited
Slashdot - USA
You can't use the larger landscape keyboard in SMS, Notepad, Email, etc. by Firehed (942385) How many handheld devices really have enough physical keys to ...

Nograles backs free texting plan
Manila Standard Today - Philippines
“I fully support Secretary Mendoza’s proposal to make SMS [short messaging system] free of charge.” Nograles ordered the House committees on franchise, ...
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Txt n Frnc: Parlez SMS?
Mobile Messaging - Boston,MA,USA
Sarkozy’s concern is DefCon Level 1: “Look at what text-messaging is doing to the French language!>” Recall that about 30 years ago at the dawn of ...
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Eurovision result 'in doubt' after some countries allow text voting
Daily Mail - UK
The continued use of SMS voting across Europe will raise fears that on top of tactical voting, there is also the potential for errors in the counting. ...
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Twitter is a social media service that allows you to publish text-only posts of 140 characters or less. You can post to Twitter, and receive posts from it, via SMS (text messaging via cell phone), making it a strong tool for mobile ...
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Wee-Fi: Your Brain on Wi-Fi; Zipit Offers Free SMS; Wi-Fi Alliance ...
By Wi-Fi Networking News
Zipit gives away text messaging for a year, changes prices, options: The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 (Z2) was introduced in Dec. 2007 with a number of interesting features for a messaging appliance targeted at teens--and their fretting ...
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Group supports zero text charges, wants refund
MANILA, Philippines - A militant consumer group threw its support Saturday night behind a bid by Transportation and Communications Secretary Leandro Mendoza and some lawmakers to remove charges in short message service (SMS) or text...
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Find A Cell Phone Company Offering Free Mobile Phones
By admin
Find them at Freemobiphone.comEver since I tried out the Razor from Motorola my mobile phone experience has been much more relaxing the features are awesome sms, text messengering, email settings, earphones, plug ins extra battery life, ...
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Speaker supports call to make text messaging free
... congressional franchises of the country"s mobile communications service providers in response to the call of Transportation and Communication Secretary Leandro Mendoza to make the short messaging system (SMS) or text messaging free.
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