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Gummy Bear Song Free Ringtone

gummy bear song free ringtone
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    gummy bear
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Lychee & White Gummy Bear Shots @ The Open Door
Lychee & White Gummy Bear Shots @ The Open Door
went to The Open Door the other week with the Fab 4 :) the place is a little Japanese styled tapas bar. don't go if you're starving and if so, it would be worth going in a large group. the guys ordered this mainly out of curiosity. white gummy bear shot?! i preferred the lychee shot personally :)... and it even came with a small lychee chaser.
Gummy Bear Assault
Gummy Bear Assault
The news came swiftly to the Pentagon, Operation Gummy Bear was a success. Then, just as suddenly, all contact dropped with Operation Gummy Bear's lab in Nevada. The Gummy Wars had begun... A group of survivors are trying to defend a destroyed house. Will they succeed? I got the idea from Stacker 33. Thanks a lot!

gummy bear song free ringtone