The Cell Phone's Effect on Society

The Positive Affect   
The invention of the cell phone has forever changed our way of life, for better or worse. Before the invention of even the standard non-portable phone, messages and information would have to be conversed and sent only from the home, and not while on the go. This was extremely inefficient especially if someone had urgent information. To fix this problem the cell phone was invented. It allowed people to communicate with friends and relatives while out and about. People immediately began purchasing and using them. Since then over 5 billion phones have been bought and are in use (number based on estimate of increase in previous year's sales). Because of the cell phone, economies across the world have had a great new consumer product. Also employees of some large companies and the government are given business smart phones to communicate and work with. This allows for companies to more efficiently complete tasks with others no matter th
e distance.

                                                                                    The Negative Affect
Yet sadly the cell phone h
as also cost millions of lives, especially with the addition of texting. Many people will be watching their cell phones instead of the road while driving and end up getting killed in an accident.
    Likewise others may walk straight into streets and get run over. In fact 25% of all car crashes are caused by people paying attention to their cell phones instead of the road. Yet overall cellphones are not the cause of this, it is the people who make unintelligent choices. In the end, cell phones have had both positive and negative affects on society.