Learning with Cell Phones

Wendy Stephens
Created for
North Alabama Educational Technology Conference
July 14, 2010
Revised for Buckhorn High School Digital Learning Day
February 1, 2012
Student-owned hardware features digital imaging and video capabilities you want them to integrate in multimedia projects, and SMS texting can replace student-response systems. We’ll look at a range of guaranteed-to-engage ways to use that existing technology productively in your class room so you can stop policing and start teaching.

Simple activities requiring no network access, just a charged phone

Calender applications

Notepad applications

Stopwatch functions

Voice recorder -- fluency practice, podcasting

MP3s, including books on MP3

Cameras, videocameras -- check to make sure you can export images in alternate ways if you aren't networked

Activities requiring access to a cell network

SMS Google



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Cell phone as CPS:

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