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CELLOPERA - Opera House Remembrance

Carmen Fantasy

   Lensky`s arie


Cello: Marumo Sasaki
Piano: Urara Sasaki
Label: NAR Records                                                                                                             
Released on 21th March 2012
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The “4+4 seasons” of Padova Trio in world première recording
For the new XI century, the Padova Trio presents a world prèmiere version of “The four seasons” of Vivaldi and Tchaikowsky, reviewed from the music magazine Compact disc classica internazionale as "an exellent disc".

...“An original interpretation and exellent level...

Velut Luna Records

The first CD of the Padova Trio

Donizetti, Arensky, Beethoven
Padova Trio
Sicut Sol Records


Mahler: Symphony No. 7

Staatskapelle Berlin - Daniel Barenboim
Warner Classic, 2007

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Mahler: Symphony No. 8

Staatskapelle Berlin - Pierre Boulez
 Deutsche Grammophone

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Mahler: Symphony No. 9

   Staatskapelle Berlin -  Daniel Barenboim
   Wmg (Warner, 2007)

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