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Cell Biosciences is pleased to announce it has been appointed a distributor of Switrace, manufacturers of European made Temperature Data Logger Systems

From their base in Switzerland, Switrace designs, manufactures and supplies quality data logger systems globally.

Single-use and multi-use temperature and humidity loggers are available to suit any facility with the need to monitor its cold chain. 

Data can be uploaded to the cloud for immediate visibility of the cold chain to ensure product integrity.  


Please email Cell Biosciences on info@cellbiosciences.com.au for further information.

Neogen is pleased to announce that the AccuPoint Advanced ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is the first, and only, system to achieve AOAC approval

As the first sanitation verification device to be approved by the AOAC Research Institute, use of AccuPoint Advanced provides customers assurance that the system produces consistent and reliable data for evaluating sanitation program effectiveness in food processing and food services facilities. In addition, the approval follows a recent study conducted by NSF International that showed AccuPoint Advanced exceeded the performance of competitive systems on the market — further adding to the robustness of the device.

Please contact Cell Biosciences for a copy of the AOAC Report showing the performance of the new AccuPoint Advanced System against competitive systems on the market.

Neogen Launches AccuPoint Advanced ATP Sanitation Monitoring System

Cell Biosciences is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the new Neogen AccuPoint Advanced System in Australia. The AccuPoint Advanced ATP Sanitation Monitoring System is a handheld device that accurately detects ATP from various locations. Samplers are available for standard surfaces, water, and narrow orifice surfaces.   

Results can be presented in a clear chart  
format showing the actual measurement i
n co
lour coded green (pass), 
(caution) a
nd red (fail) for extra clarity. 
results can be graphed using bar or 
charts, over a variety of criteria, for 
pictures of sanitation testing results 

The unique design of the AccuPoint sampler allows greater sample precision and consistency. 
Unlike traditional swabs, the sa
mpler utilizes a large surface-area sample pad to extract ATP from the work surface.

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Please email Cell Biosciences on info@cellbiosciences.com.au for further information.

The future of Rapid Pathogen Detection - ANSR

LANSING, Mich., April 26, 2012 — Neogen Corporation (Nasdaq: NEOG) has developed the quickest and easiest test system to definitively detect pathogen DNA in food and environmental samples.

Neogen’s revolutionary ANSR™ for Salmonella is the first pathogen test available for the system, and will provide results after only 10 minutes of reaction time. Other commercially available molecular amplification tests require up to 3 hours of reaction time. 

Unlike the older molecular technologies, ANSR requires only a single reaction temperature, which completely eliminates the time-consuming heating and cooling cycles of the 20-year-old polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods.

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Neogen Soleris - New 48 Hour Yeast & Mould Test

Real-time microbiology with the Soleris optical system delivers quality data and helps eliminate the time-consuming microbial bottleneck. The system allows screening of raw materials or environments for early detection of contamination or positive release of product.

In many cases, the system can provide answers during the same work shift, resulting in good throughput, less inventory and optimum shelf life for perishable products.

The system can provide early detections of various groups of organisms. Problematic samples can be easily identified, monitored and mapped. By providing trend analysis and multiple format reports with a ‘click’ of the mouse, the system helps ensure that all critical control points are stable and alerts the user of any deviation.

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