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Welcome to my site.  I've been an avid fan of the undead since I first read Richard Matheson's I Am Legend.  Basically, I'd been carrying around a seed of an idea that morphed into That Which Bites.  Let Julia Poe and Kaleb Sainvire lure you into their world  Celis
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The Gray Armageddon has destroyed most of humanity. Vampires have slinked out of hiding, penning the few human survivors as blood cattle. 

 Young Julia Poe survives the horror.  She has dodged the undead since she was eight years old in downtown Los Angeles and has the only untapped vein in the new realm.  Now she celebrates her 22nd birthday as a cattle rustler, fighting vampire factions and plotting revenge.  

Kaleb Sainvire, the master vampire and architect responsible for 'milking cattle,' is first on Poe’s list. That is, if she isn’t taken by his vampiric allure.