Music and language were the two domains I investigated as a researcher. I studied the effect of musical expertise and its development on specific sounds processing (e.g. speech, polyphonic sounds, rhythm) and tested the extend of a potential transfer of training from one domain (i.e., music) to another (i.e., language) and vice-versa .

I used psychological and brain imaging methods (e.g., behavioural indices, Electro-encephalography EEG, Event Related Potentials ERPs, Time Frequency analysis) and focused primarily on pitch and rhythm processing in both domains

Research interests:

Overall, my research interests focus on brain development and brain plasticity. By studying the mechanisms and temporal dynamics of sound processing in infants and adults I started to reach a better understanding of our abilities to learn and develop the brain capacities over time.

Current work position:

Senior Research Chairs Advisor

Office of the Vice-President research and innovation

Research Management Services,

University of Ottawa

Latest research position:

Postdoctoral Fellow researcher

Auditory Development Lab


Email:  cmarie-o"at"outlook.com

       Bilingual: French & English