Young Living essential oils for pets

We love our fur-kids and consider them family members. We try to provide the best care, feed them healthy foods, give them lots of exercise, training, doggie daycare, and pet sitting. Now there are all kinds of alternative treatments including aromatherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, acupressure, doga yoga, massage for dogs, cranial sacral therapy, and energy healing treatments for pets, too. Young Living Essential Oils are the best essential oils I've found in 20+ years. They can be used in combination with various treatments and enhance the results.

Essential oils can be used on animals much the same way they are used with humans. It is recommended that you do follow a veterinarian's care when diagnosing specific conditions.

Young Living Essential Oils Pet First Aid Kit
    •    Thieves essential oil blend
    •    Melrose essential oil blend
    •    Di-Gize essential oil blend
    •    Purification essential oil blend
    •    Raven essential oil blend
    •    M-Grain essential oil blend
    •    R.C. essential oil blend
    •    PanAway essential oil blend
    •    Peace & Calming essential oil blend
    •    Palo Santo essential oil blend
    •    AnimalScents Shampoo
    •    AnimalScents Pet Ointment

Important Note: Young Living essential oils are extremely potent and must always be used mindfully and with care.

    •    Do NOT use Melaleuca (Tea Tree) on cats, dogs, or birds no matter how diluted. Especially, do NOT put other brands of Melaleuca oil on pets at all as they can be quite toxic to pets.

A cats' liver processes essential oils differently than a human or dog liver. Thus, it is wise to use extremely dilute mixtures with cats, avoiding Melaleuca and the citrus essential oils altogether.
    •    Dogs, cats, and birds have a keen sense of smell - never leave an animal in an enclosed room with a diffuser running for longer than 10 minutes.
    •    Never put essential oils in a fish tank!
    •    Never put essential oils (even diluted) on or near eyes, nose, or into the ear!
    •    Never force an animal to allow you to put essential oils on them.
    •    Always dilute essential oils with a high quality carrier oil such as Young Living's V-6.
    •    Never try to dilute essential oils with water - always dilute with a carrier oil.

Using YL Oils with Pets

To use essential oils safely with pets it is suggested to read how the oils are used with humans. Adults should begin slowly when starting to use essential oils, this means starting with 1-3 drops of a YL essential oil diluted with one teaspoon to one tablespoon of V-6 Massage oil (a carrier oil).

Consider the size of the animal. For instance, a three pound dog will certainly need a much more diluted mixture - perhaps 1 drop of essential oil to 2 tablespoons of V-6 while a 100 pound  dog can be given a less diluted mixture but no more than 2 drops. It is best if you start with a more diluted mixture and observe how the individual pet responds.

Never exceed 2 drops of YL essential oil on a pet
unless advised by your veterinarian.

Create a Pet First Aid Care Kit

For those interested in creating an essential oil first aid kit for pets, here is a list of 11 essential oils that are quite useful for topical application:

Thieves blend highly antibacterial, minor skin issues, cuts, wounds and dental concerns. This blend is safe for puppies and kittens, always dilute more for the little one's.

Melrose blend when used topically in conjunction with the blends R.C. and Raven Melrose provides respiratory support. It can also be used for minor skin issues if Thieves cannot be tolerated.

Di-Gize blend the gastrointestinal system responds well to this blend. Nutmeg or Ginger can also be added to Di-Gize for additional support. Di-Gize has also been used successfully with colic in horses. Used topically.

Purification blend useful for external parasites such as fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Raven blend topically utilized for respiratory and urinary tract support. Raven is more powerful than R.C. and has essential oils not found in the latter. Combined, R.C. and Raven are highly effective.

M-Grain blend provides topical relief from head discomfort resulting from sinus pressure.

R.C. blend ideal for topical respiratory and urinary support. R.C. is practical for cats that require bladder fortification, which does not respond to conventional therapy (it can be combined with Raven for additional support).

PanAway blend with osteoarthritis common in older pets, topically PanAway is valuable for relieving discomfort and relaxing muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This blend can be used alone or in conjunction with other YL essential oils that aid in general discomfort. Using a moist towel over the area increases the effectiveness of the essential oils.

Peace & Calming blend can be used topically to calm your pet. If your pet has separation anxiety or fear, anxiety, stress or other similar conditions, Peace & Calming is perfect. If an injury is present, Peace & Calming can also help relax a pet enough so that other treatments can be administered. This blend is also useful for cats who are resistant to other forms of treatment for urinary problems or excessive grooming resulting from stress.

Palo Santo can provide topical relief from muscle and joint aches. Palo Santo also makes a terrific insect repellant, and can be used to dislodge an embedded tick (move hair back, apply one drop Palo Santo directly on the tick, wait a few minutes and the tick should either dislodge and/or be easily pulled off).

Patrick the Beloved Dog, the Miracle Dog who was starved almost to death and thrown in the garbage in New Jersey

Young Living oils for various ailments:

Allergies to:

  • Environmental-Weed killer, food with chemicals (Effaxaquin very BAD)
  • Apply lavender on the skin if itchy and on the pads of the feet.
  • Cleanse liver with Sulfurzyme, NingXia Red and Power Meal in food.


  • Dogs or cats; essential oils can be applied to tips of ears, also on top of head, naval, along with to the bottoms of their feet, petting and diffusing of essential oils.
  • Good oils for calming are:
  • Lavender, Peace and Calming,  RutaVaLa & or Valor.

Calm dog during bath:

  • Put a drop or two of Peace and Calming in the palm of your hands and brush onto the towel, which will be used for drying your pet. Let the pet smell your hands before starting the bath. If needed also add the blend of RutaVala and give your pet a good loving pet right before bathing.

Fear of thunderstorms or 4th of July noise:

  • Use a small amount of Release. followed by Lavender. First rub the oil between hands and let your pet smell it. Gently run hands over the ears, back and legs and with what is left over, rub on pads of feet.

Fleas on family dog allergic reaction causing hot spots:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons carrier oil with 4 to 8 drops of Helichrysum in a spray bottle. Spray the hot spot area twice a day.

May help to get rid of fleas:

  • Use any of the following essential oils and add to the rinse cycle when washing bedding:
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon-Put on collar
  • Purification
  • Eucalyptus
  • Add 2 to 5 drops of any of the above oils to an 8-ounce spray bottle filled with purified water and mist all over their body once a day.
  • Increase to 10 drops in the water after 2 weeks and use as an insect spray.

Hip Dysplasia

  • For arthritis, doing Raindrop Technique, using Sulfurzyme in food, Power Meal, for pain, PanAway in AM, Wintergreen in PM.

Hyperactive pets

  • Use Joy and Peace and Calming by putting 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand, massage onto the pads of their feet and give them a good petting.

Infected paw:

  • Soak paw in warm water with Epsom salts mixed with Thieves essential oil for; 10 minutes 2-3 times a day.
  • Then irrigate the wound with a syringe, using alternately Thieves and Melrose.
  • In addition to this, give capsule of Inner Defense (containing Thieves, Oregano, Thyme and Citronella)

Upset stomach and loose bowls:

  • Rub 1 to 2 drops each of Peppermint oil & Di-Gize oil into the palm of your hands then rub on pets tummy to ease discomfort.  For added benifit give an Inner Defense capsule.

Scratched corneas, or injury to eyes:

  • You can do 4 to 8 (up to 10) drops of lavender in 4 oz purified water, use as an eye spray in a glass spray bottle, shake up each time, spray around eyes. People with horrible problems from laser surgery have used this protocol successfully.

Kennel cough:

  • Apply peppermint to hands and pet animal from the neck down.

Ticks & Mites:

  • Purification, Peppermint or Palo Santo. Put on damp rag, and then put hot compress over area of concern.

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Diffuse Purification essential oil blend to eliminate odors after the dog returns from playing outdoors in the rain.

Product Catalog

Make Your Own Insect Repellant Sprays

Whether for dogs, cats or horses, YL oils can provide a natural insect repellant for both pets and owner's. To make a spray you will need the following:

one 14 oz. spray bottle (a 4oz. size is nice for traveling and hikes)

15-20 drops of either Purification or Palo Santo (use 4-8 drops in a 4oz. bottle)(Palo Santo may be too strong smelling for cats)

Fill spray bottle 7/8 the way full with distilled water (tap or spring water is also fine). Add essential oils, shake and spray - put your hand over the eye area, you don't want to get essential oils in the eyes! Tip: you will want to give your spray bottle a bit of a shake before using to disperse the essential oils in the water.

From Founder Gary Young:

The amount for small animals like cats and dogs is like the application for a child: 3-4 drops each time applied. For larger animals like large dogs apply 6-7 drops. For horses, apply 15-20 drops.

After applying the oils, I have found it beneficial to cover the open wound with Gentle Care Rose Ointment, which keeps the skin soft and helps promote the healing.

I have applied the oils in the following ways:

  1. Apply on their paws where the absorption is very fast.
  2. On cloven hoof animals apply on the auricular points of the ears and/or spine or both.
  3. Underneath the top lip on the gums and on the tongue.
  4. Sprinkle a few drops on the spine and then massage into skin, just like with humans.

For various problems I have experimented with the following oils:

  • Strangle in horses, I used a combination of the oil blends Exodus II and Melrose™ together. (4 parts Exodus II to 1 part Melrose)
  • Ear mites in cats and dogs ~ Purification® and Peppermint.
  • Tumors (all animals) ~ Frankincense and Lavender mixed together, Frankincense and Clove mixed together.
  • Worms/ parasites (all animals) ~ PanAway® and Di-Gize®.
  • Open wound (all animals) ~ Melrose™, Helichrysum and Gentle Care Rose Ointment.
  • Trauma (all animals) ~ Trauma Life®, Valor®, Peace & Calming®, Melissa, Rosewood, Lavender, Valerian, and Chamomile.
  • Bones (all animals) ~ PanAway™, Birch, Lemongrass, and Spruce.
  • Nervous anxiety with horses ~ Valor®, TraumaLife, Geranium, Lavender, and Valerian.
  • Saddle sores ~ Melrose® and Gentle Care Rose Ointment.
  • Mineral deficiencies ~ Mineral Essence™ (liquid tincture taken internally) may help meet the animal's needs and when met, they quit chewing on the furniture and other undesirable things.
  • Tissue repair and healing directly on wound ~ Melrose™.
  • May help with pain and stop bleeding ~ Helichrysum.
  • Healing of wounds and abrasions ~ Gentle Care Rose Ointment."

Always practice these tips with your pet...

    •    Dilute your YL essential oils with a carrier oil, such as V-6 when using them topically
    •    Consider the size of the animal, smaller ALWAYS means 'less'
    •    Consult a veterinarian whenever there is a health issue

V-6 - always have on hand a carrier oil, such as V-6 for diluting your YL essential oils.

Do Not Use with pets...
    •    Using products and supplements that contain xylitol (a sweetener) as it can cause low blood sugar and liver toxicity in pets, unlike with humans which is safe.
    •    Melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil is not recommended for dogs and cats.
    •    Do not use peppermint essential oil on open wounds (for humans and pets)

Additional Young Living Popular Products for Pets
    •    AnimalScentsª Shampoo: Cleans, conditions, and protects your pet's coat without harmful ingredients. Tip: add a few drops of Palo Santo for fleas and tick repellant.
    •    AnimalScentsª Ointment: A protective and soothing salve formulated for external use on animals (and people too!). This ointment is terrific for topical bites, stings, wounds, and to seal in an essential oil that has been used.

Did you know...
Animal Scents Ointment is excellent for human First Aid kits too! Young Living believes that what we use on our pets should be the same high quality that we use on humans so keep a jar handy for yourself too! Excellent for wounds, cuts, bites and stings.

Many Young Living supplements can be used with pets too. You will have to break them down into smaller portions, and avoid using products and supplements that contain xylitol (a sweetener) as it can cause low blood sugar and liver toxicity in pets, unlike with humans which is safe.

For more information about Young Living oils and products, please contact me at 702-225-8206 or send me an email via the form below.

Young Living Independent Distributor # 3286.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information found here is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or substitute for professional medical assistance. It is provided as information only for your better understanding of holistic health. Always apply common sense and careful handling practices when using essential oils. In case of medical need, please consult an appropriate licensed professional.

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