CeliaSue Hecht, aka suemagic has a unique gift, training and ability to assist you with learning the answers to the questions you've been asking the universe, God, or your Higher Power (whatever your belief). She will take you step by step and show you how to tap into your own inner guidance system and offer you resources to help you soar beyond obstacles, easily, efforlessly, with dignity and grace and leap tall limitations and blockages in a single bound. She will guide you in whatever areas of your life that require attention.

Whether you are seeking direction to discover your next steps in the areas of career, health, pain relief, relationships, or finances, to find your life purpose, or Coming Home to forge a new path in fulfillment of your Soul's destiny and happiness. If you are ready to explore your inner resources, your first step has already been taken by coming here.

  Congratulations for having the Courage to
Get to Know YourSelf Better.

CeliaSue does individual readings, comprehensive coaching and is also available to do workshops and seminars for groups of five or more. She can work with you over the phone and Internet.  Email CeliaSue at suemagic5@yahoo.com to set up your intuitive consultation.

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