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Just like people who play sports hire a coach to help them train for the Olympics, inspire them, spur them on to more success, so writers (who are often isolated) can benefit from working with a Writing Coach.  Someone who has been there and done that. A professional with published credentials, writing samples and know how. Even if you've never been published.

Is Your Book Gathering Dust in a Drawer? 

Would You Like to Get It Published Some Day?

SomeDay is the Day between Sunday and Monday. You've got a really groovy life story. Or you've overcome a challenge, health difficulty or concern that would benefit a lot of people.

You know that your book would be a blockbuster, maybe they'd even make it into a movie, if only. If only, you knew how to write. If only you knew someone who could teach you how to get it published. If only you had time. If only you could get the manuscript into the write hands. If only you were connected to a rich famous author.  Sound familiar?

Writing a book can seem daunting. It's like birthing a baby. The end result sounds great. But How do you get started and how do you complete it?

Where do You go from here?

If you're ready to let go of your tired old excuses and truly want to Get Published... You've Come to the Write Place !

Thank you for all you do to help people get published!
Judy Shallenberger
Nevada Center for Anti-Aging Medicine

I give you my word, YOU can get published; your book can have positive impact, and you can write your book without spending hours and hours and hours of your time and without going crazy.

No more Wishin and Hopin for SomeDay...

No More Waiting for Your Book to Come In on the Good Ship Lollypop!

Your Book can Get Published as Easy as 1-2-3

Hi, I'm CeliaSue Hecht, an experienced author, writer, editor and writing coach. I've helped numerous folks get their life story written into a book. They have each made a positive difference and the process of getting published has changed their lives. If you want a book without burning the midnight oil and without strife and struggle, you're in the Write Place.

How do you get there from here?

Here are my suggestions, 1, 2, 3. 

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  3. Consider Coaching with Me in order to Get Your Book Published, once and for all. Won't it Feel Good to Get 'er Done?

Can I really help you turn your hopes and dreams and wishes into a book? Read: Book Reviews and find out.

Need an Agent?  Writers Beware

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Writing Coaching

can take you from Where You Are Now...

to Where You Want To Be ...

A Published Author

What are some of the benefits of
Being a Published Author?

New Name Recognition for Your Business

Enhanced Credibility

Increased Business


Media Coverage

Ongoing Opportunities to Speak to Groups

Expert Status

Good Fortune/Good Karma

and Much More !

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