twitter anyone?

How not to get noticed on Twitter

Do not fill out your bio, have no URL link, a Twitter handle that is blah,
and an image of the lame egg graphic Twitter has as a default instead of
your photo or your logo.
send tweets with links only to your own blog posts.
Follow as few people as you can get away with because you're too busy
to bother.

If you cannot bother doing any of the above, why should anyone bother with
following you?  Would YOU follow you?

What can you learn from the Old Spice Man?

The value of Social Media networking has been much discussed but many business owners, authors and CEO's may not know the best way to utilize these sites to gain new business, sell products and enhance their branding and image.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can seem daunting and time consuming... after all who has time to twitter their days away. Yet, you hear about how others are capitalizing upon the site. So the good news about our service is that you don’t have to get how to us it, because we do it for you. By taking advantage of our expertise, you will effectively reach your audiences while simultaneously developing a strong following for your business and/or your book/product(s).

Here’s a very brief description of the social media marketing we will do on your behalf:

   1. CeliaSue will create or edit social media profiles on appropriate sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
   2. CeliaSue will build your online connections, friends and followers by using your existing database of contacts, and by attracting other groups and individuals who are interested in your message.
   3. A variety of creative tactics will be employed to continuously build strong, focused connections to people interested in you and your message. These activities will continously build a large following of people who want to buy your product as well as media contacts who want to interview you for their publications.
An online marketing and publicity campaign utilizes expert and professional communication skills, combined with our online know-how, the building blocks and tools that build long-term loyal customers/clients who tell others how great your book/business is to their followers.

Online campaigns and offline campaigns each increase branding and when combined, they exponentially increase your bottomline.

To discuss how a social online or print media campaign will benefit you as an author, entrepreneur or business professional, please call today at 1-702-225-8206, or submit an online request for a consultation by emailing