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CeliaSue has the Media Contacts for You !

Editorial coverage has longevity, both online (popular blogs and websites) and in traditional print publications such as national magazines and top 100 newspapers.  Millions of Americans regularly read daily newspapers and newspaper Web sites and millions more read blogs and magazines. And people tend to save what they read and pass on the information to others through twitter and other social media sites.

Each and every newspaper article, side bar, magazine article, book review or blog mention can be capitalized and lead to more interest from other editors and reporters at media outlets. It's like a domino effect, one leads to many. plus, the value of showing the world your portfolio full of links and press clippings shows your clients/customers your credibility and leads to new referrals and new business.  Editors and reporters at major magazines and newspapers continually scour local papers and magazines and blogs for ideas and subjects to interview and/or base an article or to feature in their publication. To get some idea of how much your article or mention is worth, contact your favorite publication to see how much they charge to advertise in their publication. And realize how much more credibility an article/editorial coverage has than an ad.

In order to gain the most benefit and the most bang for your bucks from a Print Media Campaign, it should last for six months or a year. It is recommended, encouraged and suggested that creating an ongoing, regularly scheduled print campaign is the ideal way to continue obtaining print media coverage.

CeliaSue Hecht specializes in print media campaigns.  Imagine your book or product or business featured in Parents magazine, Entrepreneur, USA Today or the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as former clients were. CeliaSue Has the Media Contacts For YOU !

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