Why should I hire a freelance PR coach rather than have my publisher handle all the publicity for my book?

Perhaps you are a self-published author going it alone and juggling all the hats. There is no time to do everything. Nor energy. And you're expertise is not obtaining media coverage. You believe in hiring people who you can count on.

If you are published by a big publisher, they churn out dozens of new books and have limited publicity resources. Unless you are a celebrity or best-selling author, your publicist will mail out a press release to a list of book reviewers, with little or no follow-up. That’s the reality.

Publicity departments at small, independent presses work hard and have fewer authors and books to focus on, but they also have fewer resources than the big publishers.

The difference in my approach is simple:

Tell me about your expertise and strengths, your media experience, and above all, your professional goals.  From there, I want to see a copy of the book or previous books and your promotional materials. And then I can customize a highly creative strategic media print campaign to generate interest in you and your book.

Every day I receive notices from top notch reporters and editors from national magazines and top 100 newspapers, who are writing stories and want to interview authors and business experts and professionals like yourself. They are on deadline and want info fast. By being my client, you gain entrance into that resource.

In addition, If there’s an aspect of your business that ties into the book, I can help you attract professional contacts or clients and form new partnerships by linking your expertise to current stories in the news. If you decide that promoting yourself as a speaker is a good fit, I can assist you with obtaining and coordinating public speaking engagements.


CeliaSue. Hecht has an established track record with clients books and authors 
in the following subject areas:

    •    Business
    •    Health
    •    Diet/Nutrition
    •    Cookbooks
    •    Self-Help
    •    Human Potential
    •    New Age/Spirituality
    •    Travel
    •    Pets
    •    Romantic Travel
    •    Alternative Medicine
    •    Memoirs
    •    Pet Friendly Travel
    •    Angel Therapy

What kinds of clients/authors use your services?

Been very lucky and fortunate to have worked with excellent authors whose books fall into several broad subject categories. (See Subjects).  Below are some criteria that might help you decide if now is the right time to seek my help with publicity:

    •    You have written a book that will be published in the next six to eight months, and you want to hit the ground running with news, reviews and media coverage before it hits the bookstores.
    •    You have written a book in the past year, but aren’t satisfied with sales, the amount of exposure it got, or your publisher’s publicity efforts.
    •    Your published hardcover book is about to be reissued as a paperback, and you’d like to get some new media coverage and momentum  to boost sales.
    •    You are republishing a previous book with updated or new material, and want the media to give it the attention it deserves.
    •    You are an author who also has a business or professional practice, and you’d like to use the book’s publicity campaign as a sales tool and to enhance your professional image and/or your company's and position yourself as an expert in your field in order to attract new clients and business opportunities.

        Customized approach
        CeliaSue offers a highly individualized approach turning authors and business owners into news. She treats every book and author differently, designing a customized media campaign that is uniquely suited to them and what they hope to accomplish for themselves and for their business or professional practice.
        How much will it cost?

        Don’t have a set fee. Fees are determined by your needs, the services you want, the length of time you want to work with me, and your budget. I can work with any reasonable budget.

        More questions?

        If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at: 702-225-8206 or via email at prmatchmaker@yahoo.com

    CeliaSue Hecht worked as a reporter/editor for 10 years before becoming a freelance writer/editor and PR coach. Her clients have been featured in prestigious business newspapers, including Wall Street Journal and Washington Post; in many major daily newspapers including LA Times, NY Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and Dallas Morning News; every publication in Nevada including Las Vegas Review Journal, Reno Gazette Journal, Nevada Appeal and Record Courier; in women’s and business magazines such as Entrepreneur magazine, Parent's magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal and O; on television, radio and online venues. See media coverage page for links and more info.

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