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Book Reviews

CeliaSue Hecht works with authors, PR agencies and publishers, to review fiction and non-fiction books about various topics including Animals/Pets, Mind/Body/Spirit, Romance and Travel.

Some reviews :

The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant

Pit Stops by Michelle Sathe

Will My Dog Hate Me by Edie Jarolim

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Book Publicity

CeliaSue Has the Media Contacts For YOU !

If you would like CeliaSue to edit, write press releases, and/or obtain buzz for your book:

1. Click on the (Paypal) link below for the service you wish to purchase. 

2. Once notification is received of your purchase,  you will receive a complete a questionnaire to complete and send back in an email in PDF format with a copy of your book in the same format.   You may also snail mail a copy of your book. Email me.

3. Once your completed questionnaire and book is received, your manuscript, paid press release(s) will be done within a week or two (usually shorter).

4. Your manuscript, paid press release(s) will be sent to you for final approval (two edits).

5. Once approved, your manuscript, paid press release(s) will be distributed/sent to appropriate media contacts.

My rates vary, based upon Writers Market, what do I charge. If you'd like a PDF copy, I'll be happy to send it to you. It helps for me to know your budget and then we can discuss the fees. I have found that too often people use money as an excuse for not doing the work that needs to be done. We can find a way to work together if you truly want to do so. Thank you.

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Develop Your platform: subscribers to your blog, Newsletter, business revenue, speaking events, client base – everything. All of these are your platform and built-in audience. These are the people you want to speak it… It’s MUCH easier to market a book that has a following and now you gotta give your audience some Bang for their Bucks.

The media are constantly searching for the newest latest and greatest books and products to feature in their current year magazine issues, TV Shows & blogs -- imagine how your book sales could benefit from being featured in national magazines such as O magazine, Rachael Ray Every Day Living or Martha Stewart's various magazines, blogs and/or top 100 newspapers.

CeliaSue Hecht, Newspaper Reporter, Editor and Book Publicity expert can assist you in obtaining the media coverage you deserve.  Email CeliaSue for your FREE tips on How to Get Book Buzz and check out A Baker's Dozen: Yummy Essential Ingredients for Success.

To discuss how CeliaSue can assist you with your writing, editing and/or publicity needs (she edits and writes articles, books, blogs, newsletters, press releases and website copy), please call today at 1-702-225-8206, or submit an online request for a consultation by emailing

Book Editing

Some books I've edited/rewritten:

Ebook for Eric Gonzales (50+ Ways to Get Cold Hard Cash into Your Wallet)

Customer Service in the Auto Industry, Les Schmidt

Memoir: (How I Turned my Life around, From Meth Lab to Success), Les Schmidt

Women in the Resistance by Margaret Rossiter

I Tried to Say I Love You but Your Fist Got In the Way (poetry)

Memoirs of Life In Siberia

UFO Book by German author

95 Ways to Reduce Taxes by Gala Gorman and Jim Main

Email or call me for Book Editing/rewriting a complete manuscript. Price varies depending upon book.

Am featured on John Kremer's Book Marketing list of

Book Editors, Proofreaders, and Ghostwriters

Are you an author, CEO or entrepreneur with a book in mind, heart, soul or actually on paper and published?


Writing a book has been compared to birthing a baby. You have spent an enormous amount of time and energy. Now is no time to get the post partum blues!   Will your book languish on the book shelves?

Letting the world know about your book aka creating book buzz can seem like a daunting proposition.  In this highly competitive marketing world, there are more than 400,000 books published every year and most books sell less than 1,000 copies each.

Over 1,000,000 books were published in 2009 -- up from about 300,000 books published in 2006.

Yes, that's 1 MILLION books published.

there are 1,500 books published daily in the U.S., including self-published ones

The media can assist you with book publicity. Think of the media as an important part of your team of sales representatives. At CeliaSue Ink, we help you to obtain media coverage (publicity for your book) which leads to increasing and expanding and enhancing the bottomline: book sales. In order to sell books your message needs to resonate with the buyers of your book. And there are numerous ways to get written about in newspapers and magazines!

* Be interviewed as an expert guest on your topic!

* Have stories written about YOU and your book in newspapers and magazines!

* Write your own articles and get published!

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