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This clip is the first five minutes of Lee Holden's Qi Gong Flow for Beginners. It is nice introduction to Qi Gong (otherwise know as Chi Kung), the practice that is the basis of modern day martial arts and chinese medicine. Lee produced this video, along with three others in 2004. Below you can see the whole series and make it a part of your personal health program. The video series has made its way to PBS and has touched thousands of lives. Through Lee's Qi Gong videos, many people have improved their health and well-being, connecting to the flow of life, now it's your chance. In this series we learn what is otherwise know as Qi Gong Stretch which utilizes the posture, breath, and mental intentions found in the disciplines of Qigong to gently extend the body’s joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to provide elasticity and fluidity of movement. With proper stretching the body opens up and the vital energy moves freely, alleviating pain caused from stagnation and tonifying the body by allowing energy to properly nourish deficiencies. Please support Lee's continued contribution to humanity and buy your very own copy please visit http://www.exercisetoheal.com.

Qi Kung Flow

Qi Kung for Upper Back & Neck Pain

Qi Kung for Stress

Qi Kung for Low Back Pain


Qigong Retreats

Wisdom Healing Qigong


Amazing Qigong
Master John Chang
qigong master Shi
TV news said that one graybeard could move things just with Qi[Qi,one thing in Qigong].I hava some doubt in it.believe ot not,just enjoy it. [气功,隔空移物]

Qi Kung for Kids



Qigong is the ancient chinese art of developing internal energy and unlike yoga, places less emphasis on stretching movements and postures, and more on how to feel and move energy within the body.

Some of the basic routines involve standing still for periods ranging from a few minutes to hours at a time, to create awareness of the movement of energy in the body.

Other exercises involve flowing movements that are gentle and almost rhythmic in nature in an attempt to generate and conserve energy, rather than burning calories.

Although qigong is not a highly aerobic exercise, it's benefits include toning the body, creating greater flexibility and a tremendous sense of relaxation.

As well, the controlled breathing during a qigong session helps to provide inner focus, relieve blocked qi, and increase energy levels.


What is Qi Kung?


Wu Ji Swimming Dragon Tutorial


Tao of Qigong

Part IIc - It shows the real stories of healing power and essence of energy healing called QigongPart IIa - Stories and practice of Qigong healing through interview with Master Mingtong Gu and Students.Part IIb - It shows the real stories of healing power and essence of energy healing called Qigong.