Earth Science

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Tropical rainforests are critical to the ecological health of the planet. More than 20% of the oxygen we breathe is generated by rainforests when carbon dioxide (CO2) is converted to oxygen through photosynthesis. As we over-saturate our atmosphere with CO2 from the combustion of oil, gas, coal and forest timber, protecting the Amazon rainforest is more urgent than ever before. Excess CO2 creates a greenhouse effect that contributes to global warming. Hazards include a dangerous rise in sea levels, catastrophic weather conditions (including killer hurricanes), crop disaster, the depletion of natural resources, and the extinction of species. RainTrust, is part of one of the world's largest initiatives to protect the Amazon rainforest through the development of local, sustainable businesses. When you Protect an Acre in your name, you ensure the preservation of the rainforest and its people.

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Gaia Hypothesis

Lovelock's theory that the earth is a living organism, with all aspects of life and nature interrelated and balanced. Named for the ancient earth-mother goddess.