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Dr Madan Kataria is the founder of the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement and the creator of World Laughter Day. The celebration of World Laughter Day is a positive manifestation for world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. Its popularity has grown exponentially with that of the Laughter Yoga movement (now counting over 5000 Laughter Clubs worldwide on all 5 continents).

The first “World Laughter Day” gathering took place in Mumbai, India, on 11th of January 1998. 12,000 members from local and international Laughter Clubs joined together in a mega laughter session.

“HAPPY-DEMIC” was the first World Laughter Day gathering outside India. It took place on 9th January 2000 In Copenhagen, Denmark and more than 10,000 people gathered at Town Hall Square. The event went into Guinness Book of World records.

“World Laughter Day” is now organized on the first Sunday of May every year. Hundreds of people (oftentimes thousands) gather worldwide on that day to laugh together. Such an enthusiastic participation is proof that Laughter Clubs are not a laughing matter.

Why a “World Laughter Day”?

Today, many people fear widespread international terrorism. The world has never faced so much unrest before. People are at war within themselves.

Laughter is a positive and powerful emotion that has all the ingredients required for individuals to change themselves and to change the world in a peaceful and positive way. It directly impacts one’s electro-magnetic field and creates a positive aura around that person. When a group of individuals laugh together, they create a collective community aura. Electromagnetic waves from a group who are laughing every day form a protective envelope around that area to protect it from negative forces (similarly, people believed in ancient India that one saintly person was enough to protect the entire village).

Laughter is a universal language, which has the potential to unite humanity without religion. Laughter can establish a common link between various religions and create a new world order. The idea may sound over-ambitious, and maybe it is. But maybe it is not. It is our deep belief that laughter and only laughter can unite the world, building up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship.

Laughter Yoga International provides laughter yoga trainings for LY leaders and LY teachers. We also provide LY retreats and LY workshops for business. Dr Kataria is a noted speaker

Laughter Yoga has been featured on most major networks including CNN. ABC , BBC, NHK Japan, Channel 7 & 9 Australia, ZDF Germany and print publications including TIME Magazine, National Geographic, New York Times, London Times, LA Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journals and many more.


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Laughter is the Best Medicine Humans were designed to laugh. Laughter is nature's stressbuster. It lifts our spirits with a happy high that makes us feel good and improves our behavior towards others.

Just a few generations ago happy healthy humans spent 20 minutes a day or more in laughter. Now adult daily laughtime is down to 5 minutes or less in many countries. This is one of the worst aspects of 'modern life'.

Laugh yourself healthy We all know that laughter makes us feel good. A regular 20 minute laughter session can have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. Laughter is gentle exercise. It fill your lungs and body with oxygen, deep-clears your breathing passages and exercises your lungs. This is really important for people who don't get regular aerobic exercise.

When we laugh our bodies release a cocktail of hormones & chemicals that have startling positive effects on our system. Stress is reduced, blood pressure drops, depression is lifted, your immune system is boosted & more. Western science is just starting to discover the great effects of laughter.

Anyone can laugh without reason Laughter Yoga combines laughter exercises and yoga breathing to give you the health benefits of hearty laughter.

Laughter exercises almost always lead to real laughter, especially when practiced in a group.

Laughter Yoga is practiced around the world at laughter clubs, laughter studios, in the workplace and in many specialized applications including schools, government departments, military & police, hospitals & hospice and more. There are more than 5000 laughter clubs and studios in more than 50 countries with new venues opening daily.