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My words are very easy to understand [...] yet no one under heaven understands them ~Lao Zi
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What is Qi/Chi?

 What are the causes of disharmony?

Intro to Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

What is 5 Elements Acupuncture?

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

What is Karma? 

What is Dharma? 

What is Wu Chi?

What are the vital substances?   

Conditions Treatable Through Acupuncture 

What is Holistic Medicine?

What is Complimentary Medicine?

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

What is Traditional Medicine?

What is Alternative Medicine?

What is Chinese Pediatric Massage? 




Your Daily Practice - Morning

Your Daily Practice - Evening



Chinese Almanac

Chinese Horoscope

Consult the I-Ching

Gua Calculator-Feng Shui

Free Will Astrology

Dosha Quiz-Ayurveda

Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine

Biological Age Test (How Fast are You Aging?

What Is Enlightenment?


 Doctors/Healers people who inspire me

Deepak Chopra

Lee Holden

Dr. Madan Kataria

Caroline Myss

Master Mantik Chia

Giles Marin

Patch Adams

Dr Stephen Chang

Lonny Jarrett 

Dr. Yang 

Dr. House 



ZenMountain Radio/禅山

Inspirational, Spiritual, Meditation - From Beijing, China, plays collection of music,songs and talks on Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Zen, philosophy and art/瑜伽,佛教,禅宗,哲学,艺术等主题音乐歌曲及访谈节目